This Iconic Prop From British Television Is Now For Sale!

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An example of one of these props? Well, nothing other than Mr Bean's car. Yes, THE actual British Leyland Mini 1000 from Bean. It is on sale for $65,000, which equates to £45,000 Great British sterling. It is part of the Icons & Legends Hollywood auction and it's amazing!

If you're interested in purchasing this little three-wheeled piece of history, the description reads: ‘Vintage Mini 1000 painted Austin Citron Green with matte black bonnet (registration number C607 EUW), featuring Bean’s signature padlock hardware mounted on the driver’s door.'

‘Engine and gas tank have been removed for display (original engine comes with the car, but all mechanicals are untested).’ Mechanicals are untested, but oooo Austin Citron Green!'

If this doesn't take your fancy, you can buy the bus from Speed, the General Motors city bus that Sandra Bullock drove around in with Keanu Reeves is for sale with $20,000 (£15,000).

As the sale’s description read: ‘As much a character as any of the human cast, this bus is the central set piece for the conflict in the blockbuster movie when terrorist Harry Payne (Dennis Hopper) rigs it to explode if it drops below 50 MPH.

‘This event sparks a life and death struggle between Payne and SWAT officer Jack Traven (Keanu).’

The bus apparently measures 43 ft. x 100 in. W x 113 in. showing it isn’t a miniature replica, while it ‘exhibits production wear and use’.

If you're looking for something that isn't vehicular, maybe you would be interested in purchasing Leatherface's chainsaw from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! You know, it's that famous that it's even in the title! This one is priced a little more reasonably at only $2000, which equated to £1,400. That's pocket money right?

Or perhaps a tunic worn by Liam Neeson in Rob Roy is more your thing, available to buy for only £596.

Either way, there are definitely some interesting items up for sale, no matter what your taste in movie props is.

If you'd like to buy the car, or anything else, check out the iCollector website! But hurry, because there are only two days left of this sale! You're going to have to move quick if you want it.


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