This Little Boy Paid Off His Entire Classes Lunch Debt After Saving-Up His Allowance


Every so often we all need a little reminder of just what a lovely place this world can be! 
It's easy to get bogged down and sad when hearing about all the awful things happening in the world right now, so every now and then it's important to hear about truly lovely people and the good deeds they do! And that's why I'm here!

I'm happy to report that, recently, a little boy did an amazing act of charity for his fellow school mates! 

9-year-old Ryan Kirkpatrick was fortunate enough to receive a little pocket-money from his mother but when he heard his fellow third-grade students were struggling to pay for their lunches Ryan made an unexpected decision. 

Whilst attending West Park Elementary School Ryan had been saving for sports equipment, being an active little chap who enjoyed the outdoors he was excited to get his hands on some brand new sports gear but that all changed.

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Ryan told his mother he knew some students were struggling to afford their lunches and that he wanted to do something to help.

Ryan's Mom did some research and found out that $74.50 was owed for the lunches. 

Both mother and son talked about this debt. 

It's easy to think this sum isn't a particularly large amount but that kind of money can be really difficult for some to gather! And it's certainly a huge amount to a 9-year-old!

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Ryan's Mom, Kylie explained what came to pass; 

‘It was I think $74.50. So I took that email and came to Ryan and said, “What do you want to do?”

‘And he said, “I guess I can pay for it.” 

‘I said, “Are you sure?” 

‘And he said, “Yes.”’

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What a generous little fella! Offering to pay for his fellow peer's lunches! With no adult pressing him! Clearly, he has a really pure heart!

As if paying the debt wasn't enough, Ryan also opted to make his donation anonymous. 

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When asked why he did it, Ryan responded;

‘I want them just to realize people actually think about them instead of just telling them what they did because you’re just bragging about stuff. ‘I want them to feel happy that someone cares about them.’

Kylie has been amazed by how the story of her son's actions has been spread far and wide! She must be one proud mama!

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Kylie had this to say; 

‘We are hoping the culinary powers in our area will join our fight to have all school meals be free of charge to all students. 

‘So keep spreading his story, we are absolutely blown away from the attention this has received. ‘I am so grateful that people get the point of what Ryan did. 

‘Children should not come to school worrying about whether they have the means to pay for food or not. And if they choose to charge something the family is given a bill whether they can pay it or not is not the issue.

‘Public school should provide free lunch to all students, all the time.’

What a wonderfully generous young man! And a good point made by his fantastic Mom!

No child should be going hungry or feeling pressures of 'lunch debt'! It's so sweet that Ryan stepped in, how wonderful would the world be where he didn't need to??

Let me know in the comments what you made of this news story! If you have any more good news or acts of charity that wowed you let me know all about it!