This Man Encourages Men To Only Marry Virgins Because They 'Can't Be Disappointed' In Bed


Deciding who you're going to marry is one of the biggest decisions any of us ever make. There are so many things to consider; can you get to sleep before they start snoring? Are they kind? Do you agree with them on the "big questions" of life? Do you agree that the Ketchup belongs in the fridge and not the cupboard? You know, the big stuff!

And of course, to have a properly happy marriage a lot of people would suggest that you and your partner are sexually compatible. 

That you are able to please one another, that you consider one another's needs and always put respect at the forefront of every sexy time sesh. 

Now, some people chose not to have sex before marriage and that's totally okay! What you do with your body is entirely your business! Whatever your reasons you owe nobody an explanation and you've just gotta stay true to you!

However, issues can sometimes arise when people try enforcing their own ideas on everybody else. This is certainly the case with one, Brian J Dennis.

This dude reckons it's important that men only marry women who are virgins because they cannot be disappointed in bed...

He remains pretty vague on whether MEN should be virgins before their marriage in this Twitter thread. Which is INTERESTING to say the least, eh ladies?! 

I personally think some women would ONLY marry a virginal man SOLELY because they cannot be disappointed in bed!

Brian spouted the following on Twitter...

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It's been well-documented women who wait until marriage to have sex have never once had a biology lesson. 

Please note, I am being sarcastic. 

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Look, I don't like to speculate but is anybody else getting the impression that this dude feels a bit insecure in his ability to pleasure a woman? 

Saying it's a good thing if a woman doesn't know if she's been satisfied or not is just... it's beyond words right?! Surely you want to be bringing the woman you're spending the rest of your life with a whole load of satisfaction in the bedroom? 


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I mean... I think she absolutely can be disappointed. 

Just because you haven't had sex before doesn't mean you're completely unaware of what does and what does not feel good for your body?? 

"Well, that thing that everybody is so obsessed with and raves about being amazing actually didn't make me feel anything. But I'm not disappointed about it." 

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So if the groom finishes in five seconds flat that automatically becomes the bride's "ultimate experience"?


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These are some interesting estimates aren't they, ladies? 



It doesn't matter what you're doing, three minutes of ANYTHING can hardly be fulfilling?! 

"Three minutes of drinking wine please, sir. Any more and, honestly, I'm being spoiled." 

"I'd like to go on this roller coaster for just three minutes, please. That is more than enough to satisfy me."

"I have to eat every meal in three minutes, after that I'm just chewing with no kind of enjoyment whatsoever." 

Fortunately, the Twitter-sphere had a bit to say about these comments...

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Oh LAWD the burn is strong with this one.

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Absolute savagery...

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Heck to the yes! 

Women talk?! SHOCKING

Look, don't mistake me. I'm not saying that people who wait for marriage are in any way less than those who don't. Each to their own and all that!

What I take issue with is this guy not at all addressing male virginity! He also seems to be promoting the idea that a women's enjoyment in the bedroom doesn't matter??

And SIS, I am NOT down for that! 

But what do you think of this folks?! Should I lay off this guy for expressing his beliefs, even if they do insinuate a woman's sexual experience means less than a man's? Let me know in the comments and be sure to tag your friends so they can join in on the debate! AAx