This Man Says You Shouldn't Date Single Moms Because Their Bodies Are Already Ruined 


Hello folks! Are we all having a good day so far? Feeling happy? Feeling good? Feeling like nothing could POSSIBLY rile you up and get your blood boiling on this gloriously wonderful, happy, happy day? Great - because I'm about to completely and utterly change that.  Because ladies (and any gentlemen that are here with us today) I have stumbled across one of the most rage-inducing, blood-boiling, fire-and-pitchforks creating phenomenons of the internet, and I have brought it before you today. Yes, that's right, allow me to introduce to you;


And here we go...

First of all, who is this man? Well, this man's name is Richard Cooper. Second of all, what is this man's goal? Well, his goal is to apparently travel around in order to let people know that he downright REFUSES to date single moms and seems intent on shoving his shocking reasons why he avoids them down everybody's throat all the while believing that they care about his opinion (NEWS FLASH: They do not.)

What makes this whole event even more hilarious (or more accurately, tragic), Richard actually has a child himself, making him a single dad, however, he states that single moms apparently have "questionable judgment skills" and that they believe "the world revolves around them".

...Um, EXCUSE ME? I'm beginning to think that Richard Cooper's real goal is to make sure that he never, ever, EVER gets laid again. Like, EVER.

He even went as far as to share a MEME (Yes, that's right, those funny pictures you see daily on the internet) which describes single moms bodies as being "ruined", along with saying that the child in question is "another man's flesh" who will "eat your money and destroy your dreams."


The "dad" then goes on to talk further about all those wild "hazards of dating a single mom" at an event - whose only criteria for entry I imagine must be "single white men with small trousersnakes"  - and his list consists of nine (yep, apparently there are nine very valid reasons to avoid single moms)  points on why he believes it's just an incredibly bad idea. 

His FIRST reason is apparently the extra heartbreak you'd feel after the inevitable split, to which he explains that when she goes, the kid goes too, and you'll basically never ever see them again despite the fact that they may have driven you nights, so ergo you would feel twice as much heartbreak when compared to a regular break up.

Basically, he's saying there's is just no point in putting up with the brat when they're just gonna be taken away from you eventually anyway. Why waste your time? A completely fair and valid point.


He doesn't stop there though, oh no. He also notes that it's SUPER easy for single moms to end the relationship because they've done it before (????) and they can just move along willy nilly whenever they want to. Oh, and as a cherry on top of this misogynist sundae, he also added that you will literally never be a priority for them because their kid shall be (how selfish), so he thinks that one should just “save himself for someone that has the capacity and the time”.

Awwwww, poor giant sad angry man baby.

According to him, far too much time is “eaten up” by the kids (shock horror), and single moms think that the world revolves around her and her own freakin' children.... the AUDACITY of her. Oh, and he also added that her children will work against you, because children are totally sneaky like that. 

I nearly forgot to mention that our dear old Rochard here also believes that single moms have a “distorted self-image” which means they tend to think that "they're a 10 when they're like, a 6". I'm beginning to think no one ever sat Richard himself down and explained to him that he was actually not, in fact, God's gift to women.

This. Freakin'. Man.

To make things worse (Yeah, I know, I didn't think they could actually get any worse either, but they can), other men SEEM TO AGREE WITH HIM - not that that is wholly surprising seeing as it takes a village to raise a misogynist - and they say that they're not "mentally prepared" to deal with the EMOTIONS of raising someone else's children. Which, you know what? I actually believe, seeing as most men on this planet have the emotional range of an actual teaspoon. 

ANYWAY FOLKS. I need to bring this to an end before I down a bottle of white wine, take to the streets and start screaming "TRAAAAAAASH!" in the face of every passing man out there. So tell me, how did this article make you feel? Do you agree with Richard Cooper (No judgments, safe place, etc etc) or do you think we should hunt him down immediately and cut his tongue out? Either way, let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family too... especially any of those "dreadful" single moms you may have in your life! AAx