Morning TV Viewers Praise Lady, Nova Galaxia, For Ditching The Razor

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The lady in question is Nova Galaxia (don't ask) and she is from Richmond, Virginia. She said she started to grow body hair as a result of polycystic ovaries, a common condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work.

She was speaking to Phil and Holly via a video link from the US, and she said she kept her condition from everyone at first, including her parents.

"It was basically a demon that I had to keep hidden from anyone," she said.

"If I wanted to go to sleepover parties, or go out of town with people, I always had to hide my routine, I had to hide my whole process. If I forgot a razor, I would have a meltdown."

She was diagnosed at 16, and doctors said there wasn't anything she could do about it. She decided to embrace her differences, having been inspired to ditch the razors by British model Harnaam Kaur.

She continued: "It wasn't until I saw a model who has the same condition that I have - I just kind of realised that it's okay, I can be like that too. I can embrace everything that I have and be happy with it. I don't have to hold on to all this misery that I have.

"The first time I went out after I stopped shaving, I kept trying to shift my hair to try and hide my face. I caught myself being obnoxiously self-conscious about it, to the point where my partner was kind of annoyed about it."

She added: "My partner has always been very accepting of anything that I want to do. We both have the view that our bodies are our own and we love each other for our personalities - if it's something that I wanted to do, my partner would accept me 100 percent."

People were quick to applaud her bravery on social media after it had aired.

Someone tweeted: "Lady on #ThisMorning with the beard. Like she said out bodies are our own. Who are we to judge her. She looks amazing."

Another said: "Wow that lady on this morning has a fantastic beard ... men all over must be so jealous."

Another person wrote: "This lady's beard really is magnificent! She looks super cool (and also like an absolute bad ass)."

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