This Rescue Dog Gave The Worst Crufts Performance There Has Ever Been But Everyone Fell In Love


I don't know about you guys, but for me, this has been one freakin' LONG week. That is, until, I discovered my newest spirit animal; Kratu. And who exactly is Kratu, you may be wondering? Well, sit back, relax, and get ready to fall in love...


No, no they do not.

And who is this cheeky little chappy I'm speaking of, you may be wondering?

Well, meet Kratu.

"from a very dangerous situation"

Kratu is a Carpathian-Mioritic mix was entered into the Rescue Dog agility course grounds at the prestigious Crufts show for his second time and this year gave an absolutely, 10/10, terrible performance. No, seriously, it was truly, truly shocking. But it was also entertaining a HELL.

Okay, so maybe Kratu is not so fast, nor so agile out on the course, but boy oh boy he sure knows how to have a good freakin' time! And after all... isn't that what life is truly about!?

Either way, spectators fell head over heels in love with the little Romanian rescue who just could not be bothered navigating his way through a series of hurdles and tubes etc what. so. ever.

You see because, to him, the arena was just one giant playground surrounded by a crowd that showered him with affection no matter how well (or, not so well) he performed.

And you can see for yourself exactly what I mean by watching Kratu's not-so-agile course run in the YouTube clip below.

WARNING: Prepare to fall absolutely, madly, completely and utterly 100% head over heels in LOVE.

See what I mean now? Who COULDN'T love performance as bold as that!?

As mentioned before. this is actually Kratu's second year representing Woodgreen in the dog show after his lackadaisical (aka carelessly lazy) run went viral (obviously) and captured millions of hearts from all over the globe last year.


And while she truly adores her laidback, four-legged friend to bits, she told Crufts about her absolutely frustrating experience while trying to train him (yep, that's right, he was actually trained at one point).

But as you can see for yourself, Kratu completely makes up for his shortcomings in other various ways.

Swan has in fact mentioned other areas in which Kratu excelled in the past;

Not to mention, last year during Kratu's debut.... well, let's just say, it was a truly unforgettable one. I mean, it must have been in order to get a second invite, right!?

So much so was the case, in fact, that during the video (which you can see for yourself below!) you can actually hear the announcer himself chuckling intermittently while he comments on the majestically crowd-pleasing dog who's just showed up to have a good time.

The host actually quipped:

Kratu, I would watch you perform any day buddy, and that it a promise!

So what do you say folks, does Kratu get a solid 10/10 from you too!? Of course, he does. Are you a fan of Crufts yourself?

Do you try and catch it every year? Let me know what you think about little Kratu and his devil-may-care attitude in the comments! And don't forget to share this with all your friends and family so they can be inspired to live their best lives too! x