"Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?" Debate Is Seriously Heating Up On Twitter!


It was a frosty morning (presumably, I'm not up that early) on May 9th when twitter user Conor Arpwel posed the question 'Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?'...

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It was the contemporary internet equivalent of Robert Oppenheimer witnessing the detonation of the first nuclear bomb. The question sent the entirety of the internet into a furious war, the likes of which Twitter has probably seen before, but for the sake of generating excitement in this article... has never been seen before!

The poll has (at the time of writing) had over 840, 000 votes, with some of the responses being quite passionate...

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And yes, if it sounds like I'm being dramatic, it's purely because I'm passionate! In a world currently full to the brim with conflicts, political and otherwise, it's refreshing to be able to sink my teeth into the sort of question that really, and quite surprisingly, gets to the heart of what it means to be alive... or, dare I say... human.

Most of the immediate responses were in support of leg washers everywhere, with the most common argument being fairly straightforward...

However, it quickly came out that roughly 20% of people don't wash their legs when they're in the shower. 

Apparently, these dirty-legged people used something which has been termed the 'trickle down' effect. And no, that's not something that simply happens when you hit old age, it's the idea that the soap and water running from your upper half automatically cleans your legs for you.

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Puh! Nonsense!

My exact expression...

Let the thought that 2/10 people you know don't wash their legs in the shower, let that sink in. 

Some people tried to defend not washing their legs in different ways...

I mean, I guess that is what pants are for after all! Legs bibs.

There were also those that were a lot more relaxed about the prospect...

But again, if you're in the shower already, why wouldn't you, it only takes a minute or two!

The traction surrounding Conor's poll became so intense that he eventually had to ensure that he was seen to be on the winning side, as suspicions began to arise that he had posed the question hoping to find vindication for those who parade their dirty legs in public.

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 Although Conor's claims weren't believed by the more skeptical Twitter users and he actually had to put out an 'official statement' on the matter!

And this is the statement... It's awfully emotional...

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All joking aside I love how much this simple question took the world by storm! Oh, and if you're not washing your legs... wash your freakin' legs! It's disgusting, I can't look at anyone the same!

Of all the thousands of responses, I saw though, this one is one of my personal favorites...

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See! They're everywhere, so keep your wits about you and make sure to wash them while you're in the shower on the off chance 'do you wash your legs in the shower?' comes up!

I think I'll leave you by echoing the sentiment that Conor himself tweeted in a truly Frankensteinian moment of realization at the monster he had created...

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So, where do you stand? Do you stand on legs that are washed every time you get in the shower, or do you stand on legs that go unwashed? Please let me know in the comments below as I'm genuinely really curious! AAx