This Woman Had 15 Surgeries In 1 Year To Fulfill Childhood Dream Of 'Looking Like Barbie'


A 21-year-old Bulgarian woman has taken extreme measures in order to look as much like Barbie as possible, by undergoing 15 surgeries in just one year... and the results are somewhat shocking...

(Source: Instagram)

Andrea Ivanova is a third year student living in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, and over the last year decided to fulfil a childhood dream of looking as much like Barbie as possible - and the results are, well... they're whatever you make of them really! 

Pictured below: Andrea before her transformation

The part of Andrea's 'metamorphosis' that has garnered the most attention is her new lips which are so substantial it's hard to find a simile to compare them to.

(Source: Instagram via Mirror)

According to reports, Andrea injects her lips with hyaluronic acid every time that they begin to "deflate", so to speak. I can't imagine anything including the words 'inject' and 'acid' in the same sentence being a pleasant experience.

In an article by Bulgaria Today, Andrea revealed that the end result was the one that she desired (her statement has been translated into English):

'Maybe over 15 procedures I've done since [early 2018]. I have not counted them, they may be more. At least once a month I went. I wanted to have exactly such lips as the pictures.' 

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Andrea apparently loved Barbie since she was a child and always dreamed of looking like her. If I'm being honest I just don't understand why someone would want to do this to themselves, it can't be just me that thinks they look immensely painful and uncomfortable? Imagine trying to eat spaghetti or soup with those lips! 

Also, regardless of what you think of her vision to look like the doll which teaches little girls unrealistic beauty standards, is it just me that thinks that the lips make her look less like Barbie?!

Again, I'm far from saying I get the idea behind this at all, but I just don't know how someone would think that that is the right look to try and look like the doll...

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Andrea defended her choices to change her body when her story began getting widespread attention:

'Everyone has the right to live and look as they want, it is not necessary for everyone to fit to a standard imposed by other people. It is a personal choice and I have never been afraid to express it!'

However, her photo's on her Facebook page have attracted some negative feedback with some comparing her to 'daffy duck' and 'the loch ness monster' and other's emphasizing how she was already beautiful before the procedures:

'Wtf! Oh no girl... You over did it. Looking like daffy duck' - Destiny A. Swatts

'Ummm why??? You literally were stunning and now you are something that can be found in a box to blow up in the adult section.' - Shahn Corry

Regardless of your personal opinions on her new look, surely commenting such mean things is unnecessary? 

(Sources: Facebook)

Andrea has also said that she frequently gets offers from sordid men offering her upwards of 10, 000 leva (around $5, 770) to have sex with her, but she has turned them all down as she would not do 'such things' for payment.

At the end of the day it is her choice to look how she wants to look, and I guess if she is happy and content then it's not our business to question her personal choices. However, the mind does boggle as to what would make someone think that the only way to feel comfortable in their skin is to undergo such drastic and potentially dangerous procedures. 

(Source: Instagram)

Again, I feel like I need to stress how difficult it would be to eat with lips like that? Although I may just be getting a little too hung up on the food element as always! 

Do you like Andrea's new look, or do you think that she should have stayed how she was? Let me know what you make of her transformation in the comments below! AAx