This Woman Threw The Most Amazing 'Divorce Party' In Order To Celebrate The End Of Her Marriage


Marriage can be a wonderful thing; the joining of two hearts, two souls, two families... and not to mention most of the time you get to throw a huge fancy, and hella expensive party to celebrate it. Yep, it can be a pretty beautiful moment in a couple's life. But as with everything that is beautiful in life, it can also have its ugly side. What exactly is the ugly side of marriage, you may be wondering? Divorce, of course.


Well, it was until now, that is.

Reportedly there is a US woman who has spent YEARS trying to divorce her husband and has now thrown herself a divorce party in order to celebrate the fact, after all this time, she has finally reached the end of her marriage. Ahhhh, who says anti-romance is dead, eh?

quite the whirlwind engagement, with them literally

Even their family and friends were in on it! They all pulled together in order to get the extremely 'last minute' nuptials organized before they were wed at City Hall in New York City. So far so good, right? All sounds pretty sweet!

'divorce party' 

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"On the day, the weather couldn't have been more perfect, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a ceremony at City Hall in New York City. Witnesses included my best friends, my bridesmaids, and of course, my mum.

"When this sort of thing happens, when you can't find your husband anywhere, and desperately want to cut legal ties, there's an option to file for divorce in their absence - but you have to prove you've looked everywhere."

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"It had been years in the making, but the day I finally got divorced, my closest friends, who'd seen me through this whole journey, and I decided it was time to manifest the occasion with an incredible party that would celebrate my new beginning,"


Once she was able to prove that she had indeed tried to track down her Houdini of a husband - and failed to do so in the process - she was finally granted that glorious divorce.

"Party food was simple, composing of light bites, a meat and cheese platter, fruit and chicken wings. We ate, laughed and danced the night away. It was fantastic.

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"Life is too short to be in a relationship which doesn't make you happy - lawfully or not."

Credit: Media Drum World

Couldn't have really said it better myself in all honesty, could you!? Here's to Catherine's new life as a single lady and here's to her finding the love she truly deserves one day. For now, though, you keep doing you boo!

Have any of you ever attended a 'Divorce Party' before, or know anybody who has? Or maybe you've even thrown one yourself!? If so and you feel like sharing all the wonderful details, let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family too! AAx