This Woman Threw The Most Amazing 'Divorce Party' In Order To Celebrate The End Of Her Marriage

This Woman Threw The Most Amazing ‘Divorce Party’ In Order To Celebrate The End Of Her Marriage

This Woman Threw The Most Amazing ‘Divorce Party’ In Order To Celebrate The End Of Her Marriage

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    Marriage can be a wonderful thing; the joining of two hearts, two souls, two families… and not to mention most of the time you get to throw a huge fancy, and hella expensive party to celebrate it. Yep, it can be a pretty beautiful moment in a couple’s life. But as with everything that is beautiful in life, it can also have its ugly side. What exactly is the ugly side of marriage, you may be wondering? Divorce, of course.

    Well, it was until now, that is.

    Reportedly there is a US woman who has spent YEARS trying to divorce her husband and has now thrown herself a divorce party in order to celebrate the fact, after all this time, she has finally reached the end of her marriage. Ahhhh, who says anti-romance is dead, eh?

    The ecstatic divorcee in question is called Catherine Navarro. Navarro hails from New Jersey and is only a mere 34 years old… she married her now ex-husband Marc when she had just turned 20 back in the May of 2005… on Friday the 13th, of all freakin’ dates.

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    I think it’s safe to say that Catherine Navarro and her ex had quite the whirlwind engagement, with them literally only deciding to get hitched just one week before the pair actually said ‘I do’ together.

    Even their family and friends were in on it! They all pulled together in order to get the extremely ‘last minute’ nuptials organized before they were wed at City Hall in New York City. So far so good, right? All sounds pretty sweet!

    Catherine Navarro threw a big party to celebrate her divorce. Credit: Media Drum World
    Credit: Media Drum World 

    Alas, like most good things, it came to an end. It just wasn’t meant to be for the pair, and it was Catherine herself who filed for divorce back in 2012 in hope of her escaping the ‘toxic’ marriage she’d now found herself in. However – Marc refused. He then disappeared and Catherine had to prove to the court that she had searched high and low for her husband before they would grant her the divorce she was desperate for in his absence. (Men, am I right ladies?)