This Woman's Manicures Are So Laughably Ugly That We Can't Look Away

This Woman’s Manicures Are So Laughably Ugly That We Can’t Look Away

This Woman’s Manicures Are So Laughably Ugly That We Can’t Look Away

There’s a hell of a lot of girls out there who like getting their nails did! And why not? It’s nice to treat yo’ self from time to time! But forget the French Manicure honey, this lady is here to blow your mind with some truly bizarre manicure mix-ups…

Yes, whether you want your manicure to include cows udders (expelling real milk!), hairy (fully shaveable!) legs, or a pooping bum (I’m serious) then nail_sunny has got you covered honey.

The Number 1 Nail Artist from Russia has been sweeping the internet with her extremely odd nail creations. Though you probably won’t go for any of the ones listed here it’s worth noting that this lady has some insane artistic talent and you should totally check out her Instagram page when you get the chance!

1. Brace Yourself


It’s hard enough moving your hands like a regular human being with a set of acrylics on, having literally braces binding your fingers together must make life near impossible!


2. Let’s Take The Plunge

Bathroom chic is absolutely off the chain here. Who knew the bathroom tiles could look so good on your nails??

3. The Party Girl

For any of you wondering what this is, allow me to explain. It’s a tray of very expensive flour, that’s why the credit card has been included. It’s just such dang expensive flour.

4. What A Grate Look!

Your eyes do not deceive you, my friends. Those are tiny cheese graters stuck on to a woman’s fingers, functional and fashionable. Finally.

5. I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly

Honestly none of us were ready for this jelly and I’d be extremely concerned if we were.

6. Let’s Brush Over This

I can’t help but feel that this gal is just sticking stuff to her nails that are not, in any way shape or form, intended to be stuck onto her nails. But hey, whatever makes you money, honey.

7. The Aphrodisiac

Oysters are rumored to be a powerful aphrodisiac… but I don’t think there’s anything on heaven or Earth strong enough to make me fall in love with this look…

8. Eye See What You Did There

Not only do these beauties come with lashes longer than a camels, they’re also poseable! So you can finally roll your eyes even harder than before!

9. Let’s Kiss And Make Up

It’s the manicure you never knew you needed! What are you even doing with your life if you’re not carrying around KISS on your fingernails? Re-assess your life choices.

10. Going To Great Lengths

What a mish-mash of textures this look combines!

That’s absolutely what my nails are missing, some long, luscious locks.

11. Water Feature

Yep. That’s an operational “water fountain” because it’s just not normal to go around without one of your nails looking like it’s straight out of the gardens of Versailles.

12. This Look Is Pure Sh-

Those flies are a particularly nice touch, hey??

13. Think Pink

These beauties really do shriek girl power, don’t they? There’s no need to be ashamed of menstruation… I don’t know that there’s a particular need to put it all over your fingertips though…

14. The Miracle Of Life

There’s nothing more beautiful than a child coming into the world, except of course a manicure depicting such a scene. Stirring stuff.

15. Denture Delight

I especially enjoy the inclusion of the gaping, empty mouth of the left-hand nail. Having these pickled dentures on their own just wouldn’t have been enough of a statement, clearly.

16. You’re A Mean One

What in the world makes people think that attaching hair to nails is okay? It just makes me cringe so hard my toes might curl back in on themselves and up into my body.

17. Oh, come on…

I’ve no idea what this could possibly be intended to represent. Nope. No idea. Next.

18. A Real Pill

Always forgetting to take your meds? No worries! Now they’re handily attached to your nails! Hygienic, safe and absolutely stunning!

19. What The Shell?!

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Smashed on your fingernails? Me too! What a coincidence!

20. Legs 11

Fully shaveable, too!

21. And Finally The Penis De Résistance

This is true artwork, isn’t it? Aesthetics aside, you have to admire the patience and skill required to attach five tiny phalluses to each individual nail… we don’t recommend this look for a job interview, though. It could make that first, firm handshake a bit awkward…

Let me know which of these manicures you’re most likely to be getting! And be sure to tag a mate who needs to have these looks in their life! Stay sassy xox

(Image Credit: Instagram, nail_sunny)