Three Months After Their Date A Guy Sent This Girl A Horrific "List Of Tips" So She Could "Improve Herself"


Every time I consider trying out one of the many, many dating apps out there, it seems that a truly horrific dating app experience story will crop up, go viral, and put me off of doing it for another 3 years... which is probably for the best.

This latest dating-app horror show involves a 24-year-old woman named Kimberley who is from Morecombe, Lancashire in the UK. 3 months ago, Kimberley took a chance and went on a date with a guy she met on popular dating app Tinder, and due to this monster... I mean guys behavior, I'll be referring to him as D. H... hopefully you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Anyway, the two matched on Tinder and text each other for a week before they decided to meet up and go on a date. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right?

First, they met for a coffee at a Costa (a popular coffee chain in the UK), and Kimberley commented that at this point, it was going "really well".  Then, from Costa they headed to a pub in the Lake District for some grub... and this, dear readers is where it all started heading south.

this is where D. H. decided it'd be the perfect opportunity to ask dear Kimberley if she would ever consider having plastic surgery... and then went on to suggest places she should probably consider shopping before their next meeting. Um... what?

But he didn't stop there - oh no. He then rounded the whole thing off by kicking up a giant fuss when Kimberley offered to pay. In fact, he was so distraught by this fairly common act, that he even showed her his bank balance on his phone. What an absolute JERK.

And I know, you'd think at this point it really couldn't get any worse, but of course, D. H. had a few more "golden" tricks up his snake-like sleeves.

completely redundant to the whole Nice Guy

The message began:

How INCREDIBLY thoughtful of him. Bleurrrgh.

It then continued:

I think you need to wear clothes that suit your figure and maybe update your style slightly. Just so I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you."

The completely inappropriate and unasked for message then continued:

Your lips have gone down so you should think of getting more filler. I know you said you regretted it but filler would make you sexier."

Ugh, this is painful. Isn’t there some kind of disaster somewhere I could be writing about instead? He’s not done yet.

When we got food, I know you got a salad but having full-fat coke is more calories you don’t need."

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Because of course there is:

really feel like he's helping her? Or is it because his ego is so bruised that she 'didn't laugh at his jokes' 

The final five points (yep, because he is STILL going) were no better at ALL:


He (FINALLY) closed:

And just FYI, I didn't spell the poor girls name wrong there, I'm just quoting how he spelled it. A*shole.

‘My only tip for him is to respect women as his behavior is disgusting.’

She has said:

And that is putting it SUPER lightly, I'm sure you'll agree. I just wish she had named and shamed the jerkface! Maybe he'll come forward to "defend" his actions!? One can only hope!

What do you think folks? Are you as mortified as I am? Have you ever used dating apps before? Have any of your own horror stories to tell? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family so that they can laugh (and cry) along with us! x