Tom Selleck Addresses Ghost Rumour From "Three Men And A Baby" Film Set

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"The story was that this kid died in the house where we shot the movie, this little boy. Well, we shot on a soundstage, they built a set and all." 

Talk of the film's potentially haunted set has lasted for the last three decades, and on Monday, Tom Selleck appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and was kind enough to address the topic for us.

But what about Exhibit B? The pretty obvious image of a child hiding behind curtains in this famous shot?

looks a little spooky, but the story is ridiculous. The ghost of the soundstage?"

Turns out, Ted Danson's character had cardboard cut-outs of himself all around his apartment, and the "ghost boy" you see hiding behind the curtain is one of them!

"That's real pee on me!"

In terms of definitely real facts, though, Selleck revealed two fun pieces of trivia during his interview:

Secondly, in terms of a sequel, Tom said there have been ideas floating around about, the concept being a Three Men and a Bride/Father of the Bride type deal. But, disappointingly, nobody's called and nobody's written," Selleck reported.

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