Shark Tank? More Like Shark Plane

What was she thinking when she thought of getting two planes with a shark mouth inked on her body? Does she have a boyfriend who is a pilot or is it her fantasy to have sharks swim around on her body? Can be anything but pretty. This tat is total trash and deserves to be counted among the worst tattoos.

Fault in Her Stars

Can you believe this girl right here slept when this tattoo was being engraved on her? Well, that’s what she says. She wanted to showcase her inner starry personality to the world but now she’s left with a bizarre look. She blames the tattoo artist for not understanding her concept. Now she has stars all over her face but is not too happy about it. Something went wrong there- what do you think?

Same Order Please?

This mind-boggling tattoo is nothing but his favorite order from a restaurant. Can you believe he got this inked on his forearm just to make sure he remembered everything for a lifetime? This is crazy! Maybe he had a great fantasy for good food and tattoos too – so why not just club them both and get going to the tattoo artist? Don’t take this inspiration people.

Marilyn – Is that you?

If Marilyn Monroe saw this, she would have collapsed in shock. Thank god she’s no longer around to witness such an artistic but twisted beauty. We cannot deny the love and affection that goes into getting his lady love inked on his body. Only if he could have chosen a much more talented tattoo artist, this could have turned out to be an impressive one. Pay attention to quality and you’ll never regret having a tattoo.

Topmost Ninja Fan Award Goes to!

If someone today you that you are not a true TMNT fan until you get the Michelangelo tattoo on your nose, don’t believe them. Clearly, this man took it too far and too seriously. He paid no heed to his social circle or public appearances. But if it appeals to you too much, then we would recommend using face paint. That solves it all.

Remembering the Evolution

There is no need to explain this picture. Everyone knows it is depicting the Evolution of a man. But why would one get it engraved on his body? Is he fascinated by the idea of humans being evolved from apes? Or is it just another sketch for him that shows growth and life altogether? It could be anything but not a great tattoo idea. Instead, he could have gotten his family sketch permanently inked for remembrance. Life choices!

This one could be a Regret

What if the one time you thought of getting a tattoo permanently inked on your body was the time it went miserably wrong? This one here knows how it feels. Because apparently, he has “No Regerts.” This tattoo did turn out to be his biggest regret ever- ironically! Don’t blame the tattoo artist. Just stay awake while you get this done – after all, it’s you whose dignity is at stake.

Forgot to Plan Ahead

Something frightening happened here. We all have ten fingers and letters are nine, then what exactly happened at this crime scene? Although the thought of getting this word inked is inspirational, it looks so ugly and out of place. Must say, it is bad execution. Maybe he forgot to Plan Ahead for the tattoo!

Two-faced Uncle

Does this remind you of Harry Potter? Isn’t it the scene where Professor Quirrell reveals himself to be carrying Voldemort’s soul? Whatever it is, just looking at this tattoo feels disgusting. Imagine walking around and you bump into this face! Just a cringy horrifying tattoo face staring at you – a big no-no! Looks like this man has no regrets and is just really proud of what he has gotten and that is a two-faced personality for life now.

Face Tattoo That Makes No Sense

Yes, you saw that right – it’s Mike Tyson, the boxing champion, flaunting a face tat in all his glory. We all know how famous he is for his eccentric behavior. So, this did not come as a surprise. He can go too far when it comes to his opponents but for his tattoo – he just shoved it in his face! Maybe it was just another stunt to draw attention to the muscleman he is – or just some old teenage fantasy. This can go wrong with you, keep in mind those wrinkles!

I’m Lazy and I Like It

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to choosing a tattoo but it won’t harm to put a little bit of thought into it, right? Why would anyone in the world get a chair inked permanently on his arm? The only explanation is that he loves to just lay around or is too lazy to choose a better tattoo. This one is one of the most cringe tattoos ever witnessed!

Burger on a Beach

How much do you love your favorite food? Do you love it to the extent to get a tattoo inked on you? Quite not. But not everybody is the same. This one tattooed a cheeseburger on his body and loves it. It’s somehow giving a very beach-like vibe to it. Maybe his idea of fun is to have this burger while chilling at a beach. Ticked off our horrible list of tattoos already!

Tattoo Artist Not Really an Artist

After choosing the kind of tattoo you want to get inked, just put some time into finding the perfect artist too. Things go wrong all the time but in this case, they cannot be undone. This one looks like the tattoo artist was doing his own thing, paying no attention to reality and art! You cannot witness the mistakes live when it’s on your back, but you can at least find someone trustworthy.

Drake’s Biggest Fan

What an appalling way to express your love for your favorite artist! That too was horribly designed. Never get a tattoo on your head – I repeat NEVER. This looks too much in the face and is just aesthetically wrong. We understand there are crazy fans all around the world but this makes absolutely no sense. Wait outside his house, send him flowers, cheer for him – just don’t do this mistake.

An Instruction Booklet?

We won’t lie, this one does look aesthetically appealing to the eyes. But again – why? Does it remind you of coding applications we learned at some point in our lives? Maybe this guy is a computer freak and wants to be reminded of that constantly. Although it looks cool on his arm, it does put forward a robot-like vibe. He just inked the instructions he needs to follow throughout the day.

No Autocorrect – Sadly!

In such a tech-freak world, spellings should never go wrong. You got to google it at all times! This mistake by the tattoo artist is unforgivable. How is it even possible to misspell a simple word like “Courage” that is going to be there on a body permanently? Fail to call yourself an artist. Put as much thought into choosing the right artist as you did while choosing a tattoo!

I Have My Playlist Right Here

Is getting lines engraved in your body the new tattoo trend? Looks like it. This song playlist is all set to be played at every part this person will go to. He just forgot he is going to age and then these artists will make literally no sense to him. Plus, the contrast in his choice of songs and artists is huge. This one is quite a turn-off for us.

Family Tradition To Be Avoided

This guy looks like he knows what horrifying mistake he has made! I wonder what his family thought when they saw the “Family Tradition” inked on him. They would have dissed it for sure. There shouldn’t be a problem with your natural mustache and if there is, just shave it off. Why ink something that has no meaning right on the face?

She loves Meat a Little Too Much

Having meat inked all over her lower back is unbelievable. Is that the extent of love she has for her food? But why getting it tattoed and that too in such an ugly way? I must say this one is not at all appealing or artistic, it rather looks like a big blunder! We understand some people love their food more than others but this is just bizarre, right?

Eat me, Drink me?

This one tops the list of horrible tattoos. Not because it’s just food but because it is also colorful. Colored tattoos should be given a second thought always because they tend to fade badly with time. They lose their beauty and when it’s a colored food item or drink, it just looks appalling rather than appealing. Consider something that pleases you and food should not be one of them.

My Broken Bicycle

This bicycle is a freehand tattoo and these tattoos are generally very raw and artistic. This thought is contrary to this tat. The tattoo artist lacks the talent and forte to pull a free hand. There is so much wrong with this design, it just makes us wonder about the plight of the person who got it inked!

Why would you?

We don’t want to know what his tattoo means. We just want to know why would he do it THERE. If you can put us out of our misery with an explanation, we would love it. He simply forgot he is going to age with wrinkles or maybe gain some extra pounds, still, he failed at choosing the right tattoo for himself. We judge him completely and give him zero points for his stupid choice.

I am a Sneaker Freak

Some people have a fetish for shoes more than an average person but can it go too far? That he decided to have his foot inked with the famous brand of sneaker he loves. The maker of Chuck Taylors would be astonished but we are simply devastated. Although the tattoo artist has done a commendable job, the sole of the shoe is still missing.

Is that my Mother?

The baby stares in shock as to what his mother has done to her face! Even he cannot control his emotions. Her tattoo is not even a tattoo – it’s just a circle and that’s not round too! The baby is judging her in confusion and we just cannot stop laughing. Reminder – Face tats are not a good idea!

Parallel Universe Check!

Loving your country is a traditional and noble thing, but sometimes it goes a bit too far – like this man, who’s had stars tattooed all over his chest in the shape of Australia. It’s not his first patriotic tat, either, given the boxing kangaroo that seems like it was inked a few years ago!

Simply Inappropriate and Offensive

Someone who is handicapped would be highly offended by this tattoo. This has nothing to do with art. Moreover, it is on the nipple – that’s just awful. Nipple tattoos are a big no!

Loyal to Britney At Her Worst

Truly, this is one of the most heartfelt tattoos on the list but not that nicely executed. This one here left behind all boundaries of perfection and made sure to tattoo his favorite star at her worst. Being a die-hard fan, he tattooed her to showcase her in life mishaps and if she saw this, she would have had a bittersweet moment for sure.

Taking the Bike out for a Spin

The perfection of this tattoo has left us in awe. This lady has put in a lot of thought to make sure that her tattoo turns out to be crisp and neat. But why the handle of a bike? What good will come from it? Maybe she’s a bike lover or just loves her handles too much! Whatever it means to her, for us it is a trash bike tattoo.

The Rebirth of Avatar

Getting your favorite character or art inked is cool but looking like one is just trash. He got his entire face colored in blue and we have nothing to say about it. Looks like he’s bit by a snake. Sometimes people can go too far with getting personification tattoos and this one is a deadly example of that.

What Character are you?

This brave man here is far from being subtle or anything that makes sense. He has no idea what he has gotten into. Or maybe he does – hence the expression! What was he thinking when he decided to ride the tattoo artist all over his face? Wonder what his wife thinks of this disaster.

Let’s Scream Ice Cream

So much love and respect for ice creams? What a terrible way to showcase your favorite dessert as a tattoo! One unique thing about this tattoo is that his ice cream is accented by a lightning bolt. No explanation for that though. But the way it has been placed on the cheek – it looks trash! Again, face tattoos should be banned.

The Onion made me Cry

Just when you thought you were done with terrible tattoos, we found this one. She tattooed an onion on her armpit and we are disgusted by the thought. Maybe she wants to contemplate that her armpit smells like onions! Moreover, the placement of tattoos is so weird. She could have done so much better than this.

Hotdog on my Face

You must have recognized this Fonz tattoo if you’re a happy days fan. But what has held us all confused is the addition of a hot dog in this. He has spoiled a good tat to show his love for hotdogs and we totally judge him for that. The artwork is crisp and exceptional but the intention is highly confusing.

Grab the Nipple I say!

Another trash nipple tattoo your way. The fantasy of having a lobster grab your nipple is so awful. Maybe he did this to look funny but now people are just laughing back at him. The artwork is phenomenal but he would have to carry this creature on his shoulder for the rest of his life now!

The Half Lady

You can tell from this tattoo that the person had second thoughts and decided to leave it mid-way. Or the tattoo artist failed to live up to his expectations. Because the part that is done is also not worth the applause. Instead, it looks so poorly made and no less than a kid’s drawing. What were they thinking?

Worst of the Worst

To have a symbol of oppression and hate permanently inked on your body says everything about you. Such an absurd way to ink a tattoo on your body – we are speechless. This tattoo takes the cake of being the worst of the worst tattoos ever!

Friendship Goals

If you don’t have friends who tattoo your name on them, find new ones. But if you have them, then at least execute the tattoo beautifully. That’s the least we can ask for. This one looks like they got drunk one night and decided to go for it. The intention was good but the art is atrocious!

Even the Fairy is not Happy

Fairies are supposed to be happy and magical but it’s not the case with this tattoo. This one looks really sad and is definitely not in the right frame. Maybe the girl wanted to show her personality through this sad fairy, that is the only explanation we have. Fairy and angel tattoos are quite a trend but this one is far from them.

What a Shitty Back!

This lady has tattooed a brown and smelly poop emoji on her back. The reason? Only she knows it. With flies hovering all over it, it is definitely not a pleasant sight for us. We wonder if she loves the idea of poop emoji so much that she chose it out of a dozen other tattoo ideas in the world!

MARRY Christmas, Nina!

If this is the new proposal trend, we would like to ban it. Even if we appreciate the intention, he could have at least made it look worthy. Now he’s stuck with the mishap for life. There is no pattern, everything is simply out of place, and the worst part is a misspelling. Is it Merry Christmas or Marry me? No one knows.

An Ugly Smile

We would love to see everyone smiling but the teeth here are a little intimidating. Maybe he’s a big fan of the “Joker” character but the tattoo artist hasn’t pulled it off smartly. On top of it, his poker face and the smile on his chest are highly contrasting.

Nike On My Feet

A die-hard Nike fan got the logo inked on his feet and that is an exceptionally terrible design. It is all in the wrong dimension and looks upside down. He’s now stuck with the trash his artist has engraved on him. Guess he has to hide them for the days of his life.


A Racist way to show love for one’s country. This lady wanted to express her love and emotion for a plan but went a little too far with her statement. Not the right choice of words. The design looks appealing, the art is terrible and the placing is a big mistake!

So Proud of His Mistake

It feels like the onion on the armpit was so much better! This guy has gone to another level to make his tattoo look even more disgusting. With hair falling all over the place, the tattoo makes no sense. What a terrible idea! We’re sure his dating life would be hard with all that’s going on in his armpits.

Spoiled Sentiment

We value a parent’s love and emotion for their children but there are better ways to tattoo them on the body. Your face is not the correct placement for that. This tattoo is all about the kid but it has no emotional value. Looks like a villain is all set to avenge something. Please don’t try this – find a better place.

Six-pack of Beer

How many times are we going to laugh at this joke? It’s about time we banned this one. We know six-pack abs is not a practical thing for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you ink six-pack of beer on yourself. With that bulged-out stomach, not a great idea for a tattoo!

You Need Extra Classes

Well, you need to go to School and maybe some extra classes to work on those spellings. This dude was not cool for school because he was too dumb to get this inked permanently on himself. What was he thinking? If he can’t even spell the word “School”, how would he choose the right tat?

Tattoo by a Toddler

This one looks like a toddler wanted to sketch something on his daddy and it turned out to be hilarious. What’s not to laugh about is that it is a permanent tattoo now. A cute gesture turned out terribly wrong and there’s no going back now.

He said it Himself!

Another forehead tattoo that is an insult to the man himself – Hilarious! What should we call him when he has said so much? The man is ridiculously brave to engrave that on his forehead and has no fear of his social interactions. We applaud him for his courage but condemn him for his stupidity.

Click The Link Above

She literally got a URL inked on her forehead to promote something. That’s the extent she loves her work or that brand? We got to applaud her courage for doing this but if we spot another forehead too, we would sign in fury. And the best part is she looks so confident carrying that link around. Some huge passive income there?

Another Spelling Error

She certainly became famous for her misspellings! We can’t figure out what was her intention to get this tattoo but we do know her artist didn’t like it. Was this an intentional error? But what if she became famous one day? Then she would punch her artist and realize what happened years ago.

Game Loading…

A geeky gamer on our list! Thanks to the video game in the center, otherwise we wouldn’t have known that this was a gamer’s desired tattoo with all the signs going here and there. She could have hired a better tattoo artist for her colorful thought. Again – tattoo artist talent matters the most!

Never Having McDonald’s Again

What a scary way to show one’s love for his favorite burger place! After seeing this, we are terrified of that McDonald’s clown that we used to love. He destroyed the clown’s vibe to the core, he should be apologetic to the kids! If we look at it once more, we’re going to get in our blankets.

An Ugly Avocado

Avocado and toast have become one of the most loved snack items of the younger generation. It tastes yummy and is healthy too. But this tattoo makes us hate avocados a little too much. A blood-like depiction of such delicious food with a frightening design, we condemn this tat.

Another Spelling Error

As much as we appreciate the thought of following your dreams, he should have first paid attention to the spellings. No dream is too big and no spelling is too tough. This one remains inked permanently on his chest and we cannot take it. Understand the design, placement, and spelling before going to your tattoo artist.

She Agrees with it!

What should we say – she said it herself! Getting this messy tattoo on her back that has no meaning is complete trash. She has proudly flaunted that. Although she is quite a lot courageous to get this inked to show her identity, we would still recommend choosing a better way to do it. This is just weird.

Cringy and Messy

We have done our best to justify all the horrible tattoos but this one has no explanation for it. We are unable to decipher what this means. A very cringy and appalling design, we wonder what was the inspiration behind it. If anyone has a better explanation, please bring us out of our misery.

What the hell is that?

There’s too much going on here. It’s a cut-out meat curtain and it’s also a window that is broken with cobwebs all over it. The tattoo looks gross and makes no sense to us. The execution is great but the intention is hard to understand. You need to pay attention to meaning when it comes to tattoos. It always helps!

Con Bon Jovi

It’s is my life! It’s is now or never! Yes, whoever got this tattoo, it’s is your life. I hope you understand what’s in store for you. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, God willing, people are going to be pointing out the crucial error in your tattoo. It’s is going to be Hell!

I Just Can’t WAIT To Get This Skin Grafted!

If you want to prevent someone from crying at the Mufasa you-know-what scene in The Lion King, just show them this picture. Belittle and demystify their beloved lion. Remind them he is capable of being etched onto people’s skin in such a way.

Who said romance was dead?

Hard as it may be to believe, there will be someone out there incredibly pleased that they contributed to the “void” part of this tattoo. They won’t think, “Oh, that’s a bit cheap” or “That makes me want to die”. They’ll be sleeping like logs at night, happy in the knowledge.

You’re a wizard, John

To be fair, this is a decent tattoo. Visually, it’s pretty well done. What’s bad is that it’s meant to be John Lennon. And it looks like Harry Potter. It actually looks like both of them. It’s like that meme about the dress. What do you see? John or Harry?

Thriller? Horror

Want to give your significant other a jump scare first thing in the morning? Just get this tattooed on your back. Wacko didn’t look incredible IRL towards the end of his life, but this is a different level of scary. Somebody check if Annie is still OK. We would guess not.

Yin and Yang

Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson aren’t exactly two peas in a pod, but you wouldn’t say they were yin and yang either. Who cares about semantics when you’re in a tattoo studio, though? No one apparently, judging by the volume of awful ink. Also, why is Lenny demonic? What’s wrong with his eyes? Is he stoned?

Land of hoop and glory

You know the Knowledge, that test that all London cabbies have to take so they’re qualified to take anybody anywhere in the city without help? There needs to be a tattoo equivalent. A simple spelling test. Can you spell these words, sir? You’re HIRED!

Naughty squirt water elephants!

There’s a lot to take in here. Think of all the places she’s got mixed up as a result of this dodgy compass. The South Pole? Near Australia. The prosperous Western world? Next door to Antarctica. This poor woman was obviously not instructed to never eat Shredded Wheat as a child.

This is an insult to dogs

Beginning to think tattoos should be outlawed for certain sections of society. At the very least, people should have their background checked and then undergo a psychological test. Only then will they be allowed to have a tattoo of dog nipples inked on their torso forever.

Cursed Pikachu

This isn’t the friendly if temperamental Pikachu we know and love. This is some conniving and sordid abandoned twin. This is what Raichu thinks it is. The glazed look, the lip bite. This Pikachu is either high or horny, and that’s not what fans of Pokemon signed up for in the 1990s.

When baby tattoos go BAD

Do you really need a picture of your baby tattooed? Do you? Is the picture not enough anymore? Unless your tattoo artist is a proven, highly-skilled portraitist then let’s keep pictures of newborns out of it. Get some Chinese lettering or a tree. That’s always nice.

MTGA (Make Tattoos Great Again)

This man is proud to be an American where at least he knows he’s free. Free from ever being taken seriously again by anybody in any part of the world. An eagle on your forehead? Why not on your chest or back? Come on guy!