The top ten beloved books from our childhood

The top ten beloved books from our childhood

The top ten beloved books from our childhood

Nothing much transports us down memory lane like remembering the books we used to lock ourselves away with whenever we had time to ourselves. In the day before the technological invasion, where we had no mobile phones or internet to absorb us, we actually used to find pleasure in pouring over tales of adventure, be it involve the excitement of life at a boarding school or the mysteries our heroes used to find themselves solving and of course the stories of romance from young loves!

Here are our Top Ten classic books which we used to love reading by torchlight hiding under the duvet once lights were out!

1. The Famous Five

We longed to be part of the gang – and enjoy lashings of ginger beer!


2. Forever

Definatley one of the most risque on our list! – Anyone who read this one will surely not forget the moment Katherine is introduced to ‘Ralph!’



3. Are You There God its Me Margaret

Characters and issues we could truly relate to, and not feel patronised in the process – we loved Judy Blume


4. Malory Towers

Midnight feasts, tricks on teachers……life at boarding school sounded great!


5. Milly Molly Mandy

Perfect short stories for the younger girls, we’ve fond memories of the picturesque life of Milly Molly Mandy and her family.


6. The Nancy Drew Files

We so loved this feisty crime solving character and loved reading about her adventures.


7. The Secret Seven

Despite the similarities with Famous Five, we never confused the two!


8. Sweet Valley High

These gorgeous Californian sisters were a firm favourite amongst us and our friends. Luckily with over 500 books in the series we never ran out of material!


9. Trebizon

Another book around boarding school life centring on friendships and sports competitions. Another school we wished we were part off!


10. What Katy Did

A true classic following the adventures of the rather tomboyish Katy. She felt like a true friend.