Tourist Whose Arm Was Mauled By The Lion He Was Stroking Finally Shares Horrific Wound Pictures


I'm gonna be real with you right now - if you've been a fan of AuntyAcid for a while now, you'll know exactly how I feel about other human beings; they're trash. Not you, of course, you lovely, lovely people - but everybody else who isn't you? Yeah, they're trash. Not only are they trash, in fact, but they are also idiots. And because they're idiots, they do stupidly idiotic things - and more often than not they get stupidly hurt in the process.


Which brings me onto this glorious article I have for you today. A tourist (aka a stupid trash human) nearly had his entire arm ripped off by a lion after he attempted to stroke it (See? DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN GUYS?). Anyway, the tourist has now shared images of his gruesome, gruesome injuries.



The traumatic incident itself unfolded in Tikwe River Lodge, located in South Africa, where the 55-year-old was celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife, Ilze... which, okay, is kinda super cute. And amazing.

If you've got a strong stomach, feel free to watch the video of the attack itself below (you've been warned):

Mr Nortje basically reached his arm through a fence and stroked a first lion as his wife filmed with her cell phone. Now, this lion seems to actually be enjoying himself. However, as a second lioness approached, she locked her teeth into his flesh and began tugging on his arm and he desperately tried to tug him away.

Mr Nortje now has his arm in a sling and is on the mend, but looking back on the attack, he feels lucky to still be alive.

"I was stroking a big male lion who was enjoying it and then a female came over and I think either she wanted to play or perhaps she smelt one of the cubs on me from earlier on and just bit into my arm."

"What immediately struck me was the incredible power of the lioness when it had hold of me in its jaws. I realised instantly that for anyone being attacked by a lion there is just nothing you can do."

The lion sank its teeth into Mr Nortje's arm and began to pull.

Credit: DailyFine Vids

"An ambulance rushed me to a hospital in Bloemfontein where they cut out all the stitches and opened up the bite wound again and cleaned out all the poison and dosed me up with antibiotics."

Mr Nortje said he could feel no pain in the immediate aftermath despite the fact that he could see the bone in his arm (which was probably due to the freakin' shock of it all!). At the hospital, he received 60 stitches to seal up the wound, but in the middle of the night, Mr Nortje woke up in agony, unable to stand.

Mr Nortje needed 60 stitches.

Credit: DailyFine Vids

Mr Nortje is now waiting for a skin graft and will be unable to work for at least two months, but he holds absolute no grudges whatsoever... which is a nice breath of fresh air in all honesty. Usually after something like this the person responsible for an animal attack starts a petition to get the poor thing shot or put down!

"For our 11th wedding anniversary, we will be going somewhere quieter without wild animals."


Maybe I jumped the gun with this one a little with this one but hey - I can't help but be passionate about animals and the stupid humans who provoke them! What do you think though folks? Well deserved or just a little misunderstanding? Have you ever done anything this "wild" for an anniversary? Either way, let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family too! AAx