QUIZ: Can You Name All 20 Movies From Their Posters With Titles Removed

QUIZ: Only True Movie Addicts Will Be Able To Guess These 20 Movie Posters Without Their Titles

QUIZ: Only True Movie Addicts Will Be Able To Guess These 20 Movie Posters Without Their Titles

Who doesn’t love watching films? The excitement over a new release that everyone’s talking about, sitting in the packed cinema/movie theatre, feeling the buzz of anticipation waiting for the adverts to finish…

But before we even get to that, there’s the poster.

Film posters are the kick-starters to the buzz about new films – shortly followed by the movie trailer (which gives away most of the plot anyway, so it’s usually better to steer clear of them!).

But the poster is always a work of art – all of the high-quality colours, the backgrounds, the layouts with your favourite actors playing your favourite characters, even the shiny quality and texture to the poster itself… What more could you ask for?

Let’s be honest here, as a teenager (and for some of us, still to this day), the walls of your room were covered in hundreds of posters, ranging from bands, to heartthrobs, to actors, to films, and the occasional Baywatch model. You told your mom that you didn’t want the ugly beige paint, so it’s her own fault that it was ruined by the remains of sticky tape and blue tack!

We can all remember the excitement of finding the newest poster release in your local store and visualizing where it would go. As we’ve grown older, this has developed into the appreciation for the design work that goes into our favourite movie posters.

They’re the first insight we get into the film – only recently, people lost their minds over the new Star Wars poster! With fans theorizing over hidden messages and images within the artwork, it’s clear that this is still a really effective method of not only marketing but to get hype over new releases.

For all the movie noobs out there who only watch the romantic comedies with the attractive, manly male lead and gorgeous female star, I’d recommend taking a few suggestions from this quiz to broaden your movie repertoire!

However if you’re on of those people who prides themselves on avidly watching and loving the good old classics, and almost gave yourself a migraine with how hard you just rolled your eyes, then this quiz is perfect for you!

Put yourself to the test trying to guess what movies these film posters belong to after the title has been removed.

You’re either going to boost your ego even further, becoming known as the movie master, or you’re going to be in for a bit of a shock when you don’t even recognise half of the movie titles in the first place…

See how many you get right, and whether you need to seriously have a three-day Netflix binge to cleanse your soul.