U.S. Air Force's New Recruitment Campaign Promotes Female Pilots As Superheroes, And It's Incredible

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The U.s. Air Force has just released a totally bad-a*s ad which invites women of the U.S. to come and join their ranks - by depicting them as SUPERHEROES.

“Every superhero has an origin story,”

It may only be 30 seconds long, but the spot is incredibly effective. It shows a series of clips of various female pilots, some who are in the cockpit, others who are standing and staring the camera down... in a classic "superhero" pose.

“We all got our start somewhere,” continues the announcer. “For us, it was the U.S. Air Force.”

Of course, it's targeted in an effort to motivate interest from young women in enlisting in the Air Force.

And not to mention how timely the ad's release is considering the fact that it's only just been International Woman's Day on Friday, March 8th. Also, lest we forget, it also co-insides with the release of the long-anticipated Captain Marvel, the story of a female superhero and fighter pilot which is currently attracting international attention every day.


This is a truly significant step, considering the fact that women have only been permitted to actually enlist in the Air Force since 1976, which is absolutely insane.

The U.S. Air Force, the Marine Corps as well as the Navy are actually all currently floundering for more pilots right now, with around 25 percent less than they really need in their ranks. Because of these figures, they're making literally every attempt to reach out to their potential recruits... but their real interest is in young women particularly, which is great to hear!

“Female pilots serving in the U.S. Air Force reach new heights every day,” reads the site. “These women inspire everyone they meet and serve as reflections for young girls to set their sights higher than they think possible. Join them, w

And the effort itself is being led by a spectacular woman who has vested her own personal interest in this issue: Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt (Now, is that a cool title or what!?)

Leavitt was the first woman to become a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. Now, she’s leading the effort to get more women inspired to enlist.

Leavitt organized the ad spot, collecting 80 female pilots of every rank to appear. But their moment in the spotlight isn’t relegated to a 30-second ad spot. Each pilot is also featured on the U.S. Air Force website along with a personal biography.

"Captain Marvel" 

The effort is still continuing with cleverly co-ordinated showings of the ad spot throughout the first half of March.

Advertisers will be focusing on youth-dense markets, and they even plan to show the spot all around in movie theaters.


Alas, those loyal Marvel fans are as quick as ever to point out that the original Marvel comics actually featured a female Captain Marvel in the first place.

The movie depicts Captain Marvel, the superhero persona of Carol Danvers, getting caught in a battle between two alien species. Danvers is also a fighter pilot, another connection with the U.S. Air Force ad.

Anyway, below is the video of the incredible ad for your viewing pleasure!:



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