Seriously Nosy Woman Gets Head Stuck In Neighbours Door For 5 Hours While Trying To Spy On Them


A woman from Risaralda, Colombia was left somewhat red faced when she managed to get her head stuck in the metal bars of a neighbour's family home for 5 hours after trying to spy on them - and the images have since gone viral!

(Source: Facebook via Daily Mail)

Nightmare neighbors can be one of the most irritating things in contemporary life. Whether they're sending passive aggressive notes, being too noisy, or poking their nose in where it's not wanted! But thankfully one overly nosy neighbor got their comeuppance much to the amusement of the firemen sent to rescue her.

I can only imagine how badly her ears must have been burning to cause her to try and jam her head through the freakin' door!

(Source: Facebook via Daily Mail)

The woman, who has remained anonymous (although I can't imagine she's managed to keep such a low profile in her neighborhood!), was trapped with her nosy head in the metal door for five hours before emergency services arrived to free her.

The firemen held a rag between her big noggin and the metal bars and then applied pressure to the back of her head while other officers held the bars to stop the door swinging open as they tried to prize her out according to reports...

I can't imagine that they made her a priority, I'm sure that the freakin' emergency services had some slightly more important matters to deal with over someone doing something that you would expect a toddler or a dog to do.

However, as you can see from the pictures, the emergency services and the people watching on (presumably other neighbors whom she's previously been spying on) couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of her situation... which is probably another reason why it took the total time of FIVE HOURS to free her, can you imagine how sore her neck must have been! 

I mean, she did deserve it but still!

I don't know whether she must just be immensely paranoid or what. But, I know that I'd be scared to do anything in my house with her next door for fear of seeing her head come popping up through a window or the freakin' cat flap!

I'd love to know how they actually got her out, 'cause if I was the person whose house it was, I wouldn't be letting them cut away at my door and leaving me with a bill just because of her stupidity! I'd have been grabbing a bucket of grease and a turkey baster and popping her big ol' nose back out that way!

Since the woman was freed last Saturday the images have gone viral, as you can probably imagine!  

Hopefully she learned her freakin' lesson and won't be poking her nose in other people's business again! Or at least she'll try and be a little more discrete in the future! 

I love knowing a little gossip from time to time, but I don't think I'd ever be trying to jam my head through a neighbors door! Have you ever had a nosey neighbor like this, and would you help her out if this was your door? Let me know if you have any good recipes for getting people's heads out of sticky situations like this in the comments below! AAx