Calloused hands

Don’t be fooled by these billionaire grindset videos that tell you women want a besuited man with perfectly-coiffed hair. Most of them are far more turned on by the haggard everyman look, particularly those with calloused hands. Some women are old school. They want someone who gets their hands dirty for a living. A humble but efficient construction worker, doing honest work, even if it isn’t much.

Being a good friend

It’s almost as if women like men who are nice and thoughtful! Great news for the good guys: if you’re someone with solid, long-lasting friendships, you will be impressing women left, right, and centre. Displaying traits like ego support, conflict management and comforting skills were rated highly by women in a Purdue University study. In brief, if you’re capable of being a stand-up citizen platonically, then it should come easily romantically.

Grey hair

In a 2010 study, women were found to prefer older men, or at least those who look older. As women become more and more financially independent, they’re more confident with their partner choices, and older men are at the top of this list of choices. Evolutionary psychologists have said that younger women and older men often hook up because while fertility only lasts from puberty to menopause in women, it starts at puberty and can carry on well into middle age for men.

Wearing red

Red isn’t a popular male fashion choice given that it’s quite bold and considered childish, but men should be wearing it as often as possible according to studies across China, England, Germany, and the US, which found that women go crazy for it. Red has long been a symbol of status, going back to Ancient Rome, when the big dogs were called “coccinati”, or “the ones who wear red.”

Body scars

Nervous about your date seeing a scar on your neck or arm? Embrace it. Women don’t have as nearly as much an obsession with perfection as men do. They love to see things that err with an otherwise normal appearance. Scars are one of them. In 2009, a study found that 200 women were more attracted to pictures of men that had been digitally manipulated to include scars than the pictures that hadn’t.


Yup. The scent of male sweat can make women more sexually aroused, in what has to be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of man. The University of California, Berkeley witnessed physiological and hormonal changes in women after they had smelled a compound found in male sweat called androstadienone. Scientists generally disagree with the notion of humans exhibiting animal-like pheromones but this is one big step forward.

Being zen

Meditation, yoga, and all of that mindfulness stuff are still seen by a lot of men as feminine pastimes that no ‘real man’ has any business getting involved with. But it has been shown the men who embrace spirituality and a zen-like mindset can rub women up the right way. In one speed-dating experiment, women were more attracted to men who were “mindful, present, attentive and nonjudgemental.”

Sleepy voices

Genuine sleepy voices here. Not the put-on, try-hard sleepy voices. And it helps if your voice is deep, as they’re usually linked with larger frames and aggressive personalities. For a woman to hear your deep voice in a softer, breathier, tone first thing in the morning neutralises any fear of aggro. It shows that you’re just a cuddly giant. There may also be an element of ASMR to the rasp of a morning voice.

Being well-groomed

Grooming, or self-care, isn’t something we should have to tell you is important. And this is just general advice. Brush your teeth, shower regularly – maybe even dabble your feet into the world of moisturising. Women say they like a rugged man, but what they mean is someone who is well-groomed in a style of a rugged man.

Beer bellies

The phenomenon of the dad bod continues to thrive in the 2020s. Women don’t want to cuddle up to a bumpy, stony eight-pack. For one, it’s just not as comfortable as a squishy old beer belly. Secondly, women are said to be attracted to men who are not in the best physical shape, as they often feel intimidated and insecure being with a strapping young gym bro. So guys, don’t worry if you’re a bit wobbly walking down a flight of stairs.

Being assertive

Women like a man who will let it be known when something isn’t cricket. Obviously, there is a fine line here between assertive and aggressive; don’t shout or become belligerent. Stay focused on the matter at hand and make your case calmly but seriously. If you know what you want and have no problem taking decisive action, women will respond to this.

Recognising your personal flaws, and working on them

Women are big on mental growth. A man who can display symptoms of a flaw, such as a short temper, and then address it and try to work towards bettering it, will get himself two thumbs up from a would-be girlfriend. Don’t be the guy who comes home from work angry and goes to bed angry. Shake the mood and move on!

Practising safe sex

This is of course something that goes for both parties, but women in particular find it attractive when their male partner makes a point of practicing safe sex, particularly if he does so without any prompting. Not only does this show have he practices what he preaches, but that cares about his partner’s health and well-being.

Having charm

Like good conversation, being charming is not an easy trait to pick up if it doesn’t come naturally. They may seem a bit outdated and cheesy, but a lot of women still crave smooth-talkers in smart suits. These days, of course, you don’t really have to dress the part to be charming. Have good manners, flatter her, tease her a little. Charm is subtle but so effective.

Having a sense of humour

The classic. Ask any woman what she’s looking for in an ideal man and she will probably prioritise, above anything else, a good sense of humour. Women aren’t as looks-obsessed as men. They’re attracted to good personalities, and no personality is good without the ability to crack a joke. This also applies to taking jokes, too. Not taking yourself too seriously is key.

Not being a pushover

Being a pushover will remove you from the evolutionary contest. If you’re the type of guy who accepts defeat for the sake of avoiding conflict with someone messing you around, you’re unlikely to find a partner. Seeing a man stand up for himself, even if he’s outweighed or doesn’t stand a chance? That’s sexy for women. It shows you care.

Being respected by others

You might never think about this but women really admire it when a man is respected by others. Having a good rapport with strangers or friends shows that you assert yourself just the right amount in social situations and that your presence demands respect. If no-one respects your man, why should she?

Being a good conversationalist

This is a tough one, we know. Not everybody has a naturally outgoing personality. For a lot of men, navigating a conversation with a woman on a first date is tantamount to work. But keep at it. Practice makes perfect after all. Being able to not only hold a conversation but make one exciting, is huge for women.

Showing respect to others

There are a lot of negative male role models out there at the minute telling young men to be horrible to women. Dodge them at all costs. Women like men who are respectful and well-mannered – not just to their significant others, but to people in general. If you go on a date and the man is toying around with a waiter, making their job harder than it already is, he’s not the one.

Have a compatible personality

Two people may be able to get along on a first date, but for some women, joviality is not enough. They want someone who has a compatible personality, a man who is connected to their specific interests or needs. This may take a while to find, but you know it when you’ll see it and from there, everything will be plain sailing.


Relationships can be very hard. There will be moments when your sanity may be put to the test. What you need to do in any of these situations is remain calm and patient. Sit on it for a while before addressing or fixing said situation. Women like a man who can keep their cool under the biggest pressure.

Showing integrity

While it’s good to meet loved ones in the middle, it’s also important to show the occasional bit of integrity, if you really mean well. A man who has convictions in his opinions or beliefs can be a big turn-on for women. Being a “sheep” is not a cool look, so proving that you aren’t fickle puts you in the good books.

Being vulnerable

When a man is willing to be vulnerable with a woman, he is able to connect with her on an emotional and mental level, which is what seems to be lacking in most relationships that come to an end. Men not being afraid to vocalise their shortcomings or anxieties is all the rage now. Women want their boyfriends and husbands to be mature enough to let them know when something isn’t right.

Be open to new things

Women love guys who are willing to branch out and do activities. Not everybody’s idea of a date is having drinks or eating a meal. Being willing to try new things is only going to improve your relationship. So go out there and take that spontaneous trip. Bungee jump, swim with dolphins, eat a habanero pepper.

Being supportive

Women don’t ask a lot of men. One of the main traits they look for is an ability to support them through tough times. Whether this is about starting a new job or handling a family rift, a man showing that he cares and is eager to give advice and support will serve as a green flag for any woman. When your girl wants you to take a photo of her for Instagram, embrace it and get the best shot.

Able to compromise

The willingness to compromise isn’t just something women look for in a man, but something that is truly essential to a healthy relationship. This is a joint effort we’re talking about. You’re going to have to meet in the middle sometimes, even if you don’t want to, to avoid rocking the boat. A man who cannot compromise on little issues won’t have a chance of compromising on the big ones.


Many girls are looking for this from the first date, so watch out and be prepared. Humans lead busy lives, especially if they work, so finding time to date can be hard but make sure you’re transparent about your availability. Avoid being flakey and non-committed, as this will paint you as a waste of time.

Have a sense of mystery

Women love a man who lives a life of mystery. Knowing everything about a partner from the first hour of a first date leaves no interest. Keeping them guessing for as long as possible will keep the woman engaged. They want to discover new things with each date and each conversation.

Being articulate

Being able to talk eloquently in front of people without stuttering or getting nervous is one of the more underrated qualities in men. Fewer things hook a woman more than the ability to hold a conversation and express feelings and opinions without feeling shy. If you are indeed shy but can overcome this when the occasion calls for it, then all the better.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is more important for women than men think. They want someone who’s comfortable in his own skin, someone who doesn’t constantly need attention, someone who won’t go crazy if they decide to go out with their best friends for a drink. Don’t lose your cool unless you want to lose your girl.

Being in uniform

This probably doesn’t count the likes of postmen, sorry. When women talk about men in uniform, they’re generally talking about firemen, policemen and soldiers. Women just love seeing a man in his “serious” work uniform, especially if it’s a bit tattered from a hard day’s work. Of course women can take those jobs too, but these uniforms embody that classic quality of rugged masculinity.

Being clean-shaven

Beards may have had their time in the sun, but it’s all about a clean-shaven face these days. Studies have even confirmed that women find bearded men less attractive. So get the razor out and do away with that furry facial hair, lest you be single for the rest of your life.


If you cast your mind back to any object of female desire in film and books, they all have one thing in common: a taste for brooding. One study demonstrated that women find images of men looking happy significantly less attractive than men with a prideful or shameful face. Many women, it seems, take a frowny face as a challenge for them to overcome.

Having a healthy immune system

Good health in men is another turn-on for women, and we’re not even talking about ripped physiques and glowing skin here. Women actually pick up on men’s health in ways they probably don’t realise. A study found that women subconsciously pick up on the hormones in men that signal a healthy immune system, therefore making healthier men more attractive.

Undoing a tie

This one might be a little more niche, but it is still a reality for plenty of women. Seeing a man undo his tie, either fully or partially, is seriously sexy. Maybe because it’s the visual confirmation of a man cutting himself off from work and settling into relaxation? Maybe it’s that hint that the shirt might be next…?


Men read less than women, so to see a man gently turning the pages of a paperback in public or otherwise, is a beautiful and rare thing. There have even been Instagram accounts dedicated to men reading on the New York City subway. If you don’t like reading, just pick up a book and pretend; that’s probably what most men in public are doing anyway.

Running fingers through hair

Here’s another one of those inexplicable entries. Apparently, a man running his finger through his hair has long been a turn-on for women. For some, it makes the man look more comfortable and approachable. For others, it makes the man look agitated or sad, someone they wish to console. Either way, bald guys are out of luck on this one.

Taking care of cars

For millions of men, cars are religion. Yes, they get you from A to B quicker than a tram or train would. But mainly, they’re aesthetic. Men have loved cars since they were kids, so seeing them keep a real one squeaky clean, and protected from any ne’er do wells, maybe a nice reminder to a woman that they’re still a child at heart.


Seeing a man going back to nature and getting dirt under his fingernails is a foolproof way of attracting a woman. Though some social norms have changed, many women still long for an old-school man with a hands-on job or hobby like tending to the garden. The same can be applied to fixing the sink.

Doing the dishes

Traditionally speaking, household chores such as doing the dishes have been seen as the woman’s job, while the men go out to cut down trees and fight bears. But this is 2023, and apparently, it is now sexy for a man to go ham on a pile of dirty plates. Doing a chore like this also alleviates added stress for a woman, who then has more time to relax. And if she’s relaxed she may be in the mood for some fun… if you clean the dishes properly. No half measures.

Colourful socks

People with mismatched socks are often seen as unkempt or sloppy. If you want to appear attractive and fashion-conscious, make sure your socks match. Women enjoy a man who pays attention to detail. A little fun in your wardrobe can go a long way. If you’re wearing colourful or printed socks, she’ll know that you have a lighthearted side.

Well-groomed toenails

Women are attracted to men who take care of their feet. If you’ve never had a pedicure, it may be time to give it a try. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make yourself feel good, especially if he or she joins in on the fun with you.

Meaningful tattoos

It’s not uncommon for tattoos to be impulse purchases made after a night of drinking with friends, but you still need to consider the meaning and permanence of your tattoos. Some women are attracted to men with tattoos, but there’s a catch: the ink can’t be random. If you’re inked, be ready to tell your potential partners about the meaning behind your body art.

A dog

A furry friend can be a great icebreaker. Dog owners love to get together and talk about their pets. If you don’t have a dog of your own, borrow one from a neighbour for walks. You’ll meet lots of people who also love dogs, and odds are that’ll include some potential love interests.

Being sarcastic

Sarcasm is a great way to break the ice with women. It lets them know that you’re intelligent, and it helps you get to know each other better. When a guy can make fun of himself, it shows that he is secure in who he is. This makes him more attractive to women who want to be with a man who feels comfortable with himself.


When a guy does something considered geeky, it shows that he is comfortable with who he is. It also makes him seem honest and confident, which is a draw for women. Oddly enough, being weird can help you appear more approachable. And men with a good sense of humour are attractive to women because they make life more fun.

Having a broad vocabulary

Men who use complex, sophisticated vocabulary may be more attractive to women. These men are perceived as being more intelligent and having more confidence. If you use more words than the average person, you will be perceived as more educated. Women love smart guys and the financial independence that comes with education.

Nice forearms

Women find it attractive when men roll up their sleeves to their forearms, exposing attractive muscular forearms. Women in general like men’s arms and accentuating them can help you appear more masculine and confident. Don’t worry, you don’t have to built like Chris Hemsworth or 70s-era Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A sharp jawline

Jawlines are often an overlooked feature of men’s faces, but if you’re lucky enough to have a strong one, you can use it to your advantage. Some women are attracted to square jaws, others prefer a more rounded face. Don’t obsess about having one type of jawline or another. Just be aware that a masculine jawline can be very attractive.

Old stubble

A study published in Evolution and Human Behavior found that women are more attracted to men with full beards and 10-day stubble. A study conducted by researchers at the University of New South Wales revealed that while men preferred clean-shaven faces, women rated clean-shaven faces as the least attractive.

Certain names

In a 2008 survey, UK-based psychologist Richard Wiseman asked more than 6,000 people what names they associate with success, luck and attractiveness. The survey found that women find Ryan to be the most attractive name, followed by James and Jack. James was also deemed the most successful. The least attractive names were Peter, Thomas and George.

Less cologne

A study from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation suggests that men should avoid Axe Body Spray (aka Lynx), as it repels women. Foundation director Al Hirsch found that women responded most to a mixture of cucumber and Good ‘n’ Plenty candy. They did not respond to cologne, cherry or charcoal barbeque meat.

A white t-shirt and jeans

This combination is classic, but make sure the T-shirt fits correctly. Too baggy or too tight are equally unflattering. To show off your biceps, make sure your sleeves aren’t too loose. For denim, choose a slim or tapered cut that grazes the top of your shoes. But find a style that complements your body type.

Visible ankles

The mankle has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Going sockless can be the cause of stinky, sweaty feet. To avoid this, try wearing no-show socks with your shoes. They’re just as comfortable as long socks and will keep you from having to worry about whether or not your feet smell.

Wearing a sweater

Many women report that they find men in fitted sweaters attractive. Perhaps this is due to the fact that such a style exudes warmth and protection, or perhaps it’s just an appealing look for a man to pull off. Either way, it’s an easy style to replicate.

Eye contact

Eye contact is vital to communication, especially when talking to someone you like. When talking to a woman, you should look into her eyes to show that you are actively listening and paying attention. This will help her trust you and feel more comfortable around you.

Being a daredevil

A 2014 University of Alaska at Anchorage study found that women are more attracted to men who take risks than to those who don’t. The researchers surveyed more than 230 college students. The women found men more attractive if they engaged in risky behaviours that resembled those experienced by our ancestors, such as mountain biking and scuba diving.

Eating garlic

As much as this might seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, researchers have found that a little garlic on your breath might actually be a turn-on. In a study, men who had eaten bread and cheese with garlic were rated more pleasant and attractive than men who had eaten bread and cheese without garlic.


Researchers in the UK found that women are more attracted to men who do volunteer work. Researchers showed pictures of men with short descriptions of their hobbies to about 30 women, and they generally rated a man as more attractive for a long-term relationship if they were a volunteer. Incidentally, men were also tested and were also more attracted to female volunteers.

Wearing a watch

If you want to appear attractive, consider wearing a watch rather than relying on your cellphone to tell the time. This shows you’re polite and well-mannered, which might attract some ladies. Watches say a lot about a man’s personal style, and can even start up conversations with women you approach.

Wearing pink

Pink is often associated with femininity, but it’s a colour that many men are starting to wear more often. It takes confidence to pull off the colour, which is why it can be attractive to women. Men who wear pink are confident in their masculinity, which makes them seem more attractive. Researchers at France’s University of Poitiers also found that pink enhances positive emotions.

Wearing sunglasses

In a study conducted by Vanessa Brown, a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, it was discovered that sunglasses make guys look hotter. Dr. Brown explained that sunglasses give the wearer an air of mystery. Human beings rely heavily on facial cues to communicate and understand one another, so blocking those cues makes us want to learn more about the person behind the shades.

Being good with children

Research shows that playing with babies can improve your dating life. One study found that baby-friendly men are more than three times as likely to score a woman’s phone number than guys who ignore newborns. Another study found that 40% of women give up their digits after seeing men smile, coo, and talk with children. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Playing the guitar

According to a study published in the journal Psychology of Music, women were more likely to give a guy her phone number if he was holding a guitar case than if he carried a sports bag. According to new research, women tend to find guys with musical talent attractive – perhaps because they’re associated with intelligence and good genes.


It’s that thing that everyone complains about on public transportation – but maybe ladies like it after all. Researchers from the U.K. found that women rated men who sat with an open body posture – legs spread, arms stretched out – as more attractive than guys who sat with their legs together and arms folded. The open-posture sitters were considered to be displaying dominance signals.

Veiny arms

If you have big, strong arms, it’s always a good idea to show them off in a T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Women find a man’s protruding veins sexy – they say it shows how strong and masculine he is. There are even YouTube videos on how to make your veins stand out more!

Blue eyes

If you thought muscles, a six-pack, a hairy chest and a thick head of hair were the best thing to attract a woman, think again. According to a recent poll by the Daily Mail, 15 percent of women rated attractive eyes as a man’s sexiest attribute. And 52 percent of those said blue is the dreamiest colour.

Long-distance running

According to a study from the University of Cambridge, men who are good at long-distance running may have an evolutionary advantage over other men. Researchers found that these men tend to have higher sex drives, higher sperm counts, and be more attractive to women. They say this is because endurance was favoured by women in hunter-gatherer times, when running long distances was necessary for survival.

Responsible spending

Women are more likely to be attracted to men who are not big spenders, according to a study from the University of Michigan. Investing in assets that will increase in value is a way to save more than just a few bucks. It shows that you’re in control of your finances and have prioritized saving for the future.


Contrary to popular belief, many women are attracted to men who are not overtly flirtatious. This is because such men appear more mature and gentlemanly than the stereotypical over-confident womaniser. Many ladies find shy guys to be adorable, because they’re seen as unpretentious, honest, and genuine.