UPS Driver Creates Photoshoot With Every Dog He Meets On His Journey And It's Unbearably Adorable


UPS drivers are just like the rest of us and so can't resist saying hello to every single dog they come across. Jason Hardesty is no exception to this rule but takes it one step further by taking a photo with every dog he meets!

UPS drivers meet new dogs every single day on their work delivery routes and they absolutely love it because who wouldn't?! They even have set up a Facebook page called 'UPS Dogs' just to celebrate the wonderful furry friends they meet on a daily basis.

I must admit, I am pretty jealous of these guys, who wouldn't want to meet new dogs every day? It's a dream life! Jason Hardesty from New Orleans is a dedicated dog lover and as a UPS driver, he has the perfect job! He delivers parcels whilst taking pictures of every single dog he meets, sharing them on his Instagram page @jhardetsy.

1.) Jay and Bit

Jay and his puppy friend Bit look absolutely adorable together! Someone please find me a job where I get to meet adorable puppies all day long and maybe deliver a few parcels here and there but PUPPIES are my priority.

2.) Jay and Kash

Okay, this one is just too much cute in one picture. Look at how tiny this little puppy is! He is like the smallest teddy bear ever and I just want to cuddle him forever, Jay's face really says it all.

3.) Jay and Prince

Prince looks very happy indeed and he is deserving of his name! The pair honestly look like best friends and I have no idea where Jay finds all of these adorable dogs to cuddle it's not fair...

4.) Jay and Stanly

Stanly is a very serious dog being the oldest dog on the block. He also takes his appearance very seriously and loves to be dressed up to a seriously high standard. He loves Jay really but doesn't like to show it...

5.) Jay and Sofia


6.) Jay and Gov

Gov is a magnificent Great Dane and is definitely a friendly giant! The two make a great team but Gov doesn't look too sure about Jay's posing...

7.) Jay and Louis

Louis is such an unusual looking but beautiful dog, those ears and that orange color are amazing! Jay has such an infectious smile too, it's impossible not to grin at these pictures, the dogs help too...

8.) Jay and Jiggy

Jiggy is smiling along with Jay in this picture and it is just the most wholesome thing that I've seen all week. Jay definitely has to be a dog whisperer to get the dogs to pose with him like this.

9.) Jay, Oy and Belle

These two corgis are adorable but they all also look so absolutely done with Jay and his photos. I wonder how many photos he attempted with them before they gave up?

10.) Jay and Cusha

Cusha might just be the sweetest little thing I've ever seen! Look how tiny and cute she is! Jay certainly thinks so too by his expression, I don't know how he doesn't just bundle these adorable dogs in his UPS van and drive off...

11.) Jay and Higgins

You can tell that Higgins knows how cute he is just by his smug expression, they definitely make a happy pair and I want a friendship like this! Sadly, my cats would rather scratch my face off than take a picture with me...

12.) Jay and Trixie

Trixie may not be the most photogenic dog in the world but she is still cute anyway! Jay really knows how to make dogs love him, I need to know his secrets.

13.) Jay and Spot

Aww, Spot is breaking my heart! He permanently looks like he needs a hug and I don't think anyone would mind giving him one. Jay certainly doesn't!

14.) Jay and Ruby

Ruby is such a diva, her hair is always on point and she always tilts her head perfectly to get her good camera angle. She must be a celebrity or something, are those all the magazines she has featured in?!

15.) Jay and puppy friends

Let's all take a second to fully appreciate Jay's face in this one. He just can't handle all the love and kisses these two adorable doggos are showering him with!

16.) Jay and Charlie

Charlie is just too cool for school with his hoodie and that sassy attitude. He loves Jay really, that look is definitely his look of love, I think...

17.) Jay and Gus

Flappy doggo ears can 100% cure any feeling of sadness, just look at Jay's face! This adorable pup looks so confused and my heart is melting.

18.) Jay and Sophie

Sophie looks pretty shocked by this surprise cuddle and it's just too cute for words. Jay is probably the happiest man ever and that's 100% down to all of the wonderful dogs he meets!

19.) Jay and Dakota

Aww, no one can keep these best buddies apart, Jay and Dakota are forced to meet through a window but at least they got a photo to capture this moment in time!

20.) Jay, Chula And Chapo

Aww, these three are just having a party! I really relate to the adorable little dog in the back, he is just having a great time being crazy on his own. Jay is so lucky, I need to get myself a job at UPS!

21.) Jay and Half Pint

Could Half Pint be the perfect name for this dog and the best dog name ever? Yes, definitely. I love how derpy and confused Half Pint looks, he has to be my favorite!

22.) Jay and Bella

Bella has the cutest little belly ever! I love her hairstyle too, she is a fashion queen and she definitely knows it. Jay knows it too!

I definitely need to find myself a job as a UPS delivery driver now. They meet so many dogs on a daily basis it's not fair! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! AAx