Van Flies 10+ Foot In The Air After Hitting Roundabout Head On



who was alone

The same couldn't be said for the van though, which as you can probably imagine, wasn't in the best shape after it came into contact with the tarmac having been launched an incredible 12 feet into the air.

The Dukes of Hazard



Andy, originally from Hingham in Norwich had this to say about the shocking accident:


This particular roundabout in England has built up a notorious reputation over recent years following a number of separate incidents.

All jokes aside... It goes to show that speed limits are there for a reason. If they weren't, things like this are very likely to happen more frequently and the chances are, there'd be a few people not so lucky as to walk away with only minor injuries. This footage of a car clearing 14 feet over a roundabout near Peterborough in the UK serves as another example as to how quickly things can go wrong. So, stay safe on the roads!

What do you make of the footage Acidheads?

You can view the full video of the crash here:






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