Video Reveals Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner Has Married In Secret-Surprise Las Vegas Wedding


You can't expect your wedding to go exactly as planned... Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had plans for a Parisian, summer wedding, but new video footage shows the pair got married in a shotgun style Las Vegas ceremony!

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Clearly, this young couple were never going to play by the rules! I love their eccentric style, is it really any wonder they threw their best laid plans in the trash and just went for it?!

The couple first got together in November 2016 and were dating "exclusively" by December (I kind of thought exclusivity was a given?? But I guess the young generation have new ways of doing things!)

The couple then got engaged in October 2017. Turner posted this photo to her Instagram with the caption, "I said yes"...

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"I mean, we are getting married in France We got most of it figured out already. There's parts of it that I think just naturally are stressful, but you just have to allow yourself to enjoy the fact that you're doing this. It's not really about all the li

The celebrity couple had been pretty forthcoming with their initial wedding plans. Jonas revealed on James Corden's chat show;

Jonas commented further on the Zach Sang show saying;

However much Jonas claims to love planning it appears these plans went well and truly out the window for his actual wedding!

The pair were married by Elvis, a detail distinctly absent from their previous plans... Similarly, the Vegas setting was not as expected and Maisie Williams (fellow GoT actor and best friend of Turner) was not to be seen fulfilling her reported role as Maid of Honour...

Maybe they just got so bored of the wedding stress they bit the bullet and got hitched quick?! I wouldn't blame them!

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The wedding did include some of the most important (more traditional) elements though! Sophie walked down an aisle in a white dress and veil to her groom, eagerly waiting for her at the altar (with Elvis, but never mind).

The reception was intimate. A small group of the couples friends and family were gathered and celebrated raucously for the happy newlyweds! And honestly, isn't that what it's all about?!

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It's unclear as to whether Sophie and Joe will stick to their original weddings plans now that they're already married! They strike me as the type who like to party though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to do the whole thing over again! Young love, eh?!

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I've got to admire a celebrity couple who aren't all about flaunting their cash. These two clearly care for one another, they don't need anything flashy or to invite the world and his dog! I think that's a good sign of things to come for these newly-weds...

Did you enjoy a shot-gun wedding? What advice would you give these two for married life? Let me know in the comments below! AAx

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