Watch Puppy's Heartbreaking Reaction To Mufasa Death Scene In The Lion King


Are you ready to feel some emotions? Because you're about to feel ALL the emotions.


Remember that scene from the Lion King? The one where Mufasa dies? That one that scarred you for life? You know?? That one???

Wake up Mufasa. WAKE. UP.

Wake up Mufasa. WAKE. UP.

So every human in the entire world has basically agreed that this is the saddest moment in all cinematic history, right??

But shocking new evidence has revealed that humans are not alone in their torment when it comes to watching little Simba struggle to get his Dad to re-animate...

Meet four-year-old puppy, Luna.

(Image Credit: Josh Myers)

She's a little bit younger here than in the video but look at that little red turtleneck.

... In the video, we only get to see her side profile because she's busy having her heart broken by Mufasa's death in The Lion King.

Josh Myers, Luna's owner, filmed the entire thing. Whilst we wouldn't want someone zooming in our ugly-cry face during this scene we're glad Myers saw fit to share the moment with the public when he posted the video.

Though it's so sad to see Luna upset it's touching to see how empathetic animals can be. But we already knew dogs are the best creature on Earth.

Myers said Luna's reaction to the film "was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen."

If you've seen anything sweeter then we're amazed you survived it. This stuff makes you grasp your heart in adorable-agony.

Whereas some animals struggle to grasp the concept of the TV (honestly same, all this new-fangled technology is more than I can take) Luna seems to have followed the events of The Lion King perfectly.

As Simba snuggles up to Mufasa, asking him to "wake up", Luna is absolutely intent on the television. She can't bear to look away, not even her owner's reaction or voice can stop her mourning poor Mufasa.

Myers noted the adorable moment when Luna " even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad".

Look at him go!

Here's Luna reacting to the scene, going through all the emotions we're still trying to repress. Seriously who gave Disney permission to be this upsetting?? Just go ahead and watch the video, we'll just be over here definitely not crying...

How cute is she?!

So now that you're a similarly emotional wreck...

Those little whines?! Obviously, Luna is such an intelligent dog and it's so lovely to see intelligent animals sympathizing with the world around them. If only humans could respond in a freakin' similar way!

Did you react similarly the first time you saw this scene? Do your pets pay attention to the TV or could they not care less? We know we felt very similar to little Luna! AAx