Watch The Incredible Moment That A Young Dog Saves A Cat From Drowning

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In the video, we see the cat desperately trying to claw its way out of the water, to no avail. The dog tries his best to pull the cat towards safety, but there's only so much you can do without fingers or opposable thumbs.

Finally, the dog, who is obviously a very clever boy, leaps in to the pool, swiftly manoeuvres itself under the cat, and basically lifts the soggy kitty to safety carrying it on his back.

In a final twist of drama, there does seem to be a moment where the dog suddenly finds himself unable to get out. However, he soon gets himself back on dry land, and the pair live to fight another day.

Watch the amazing video below:

As amazing as the video is, I couldn't help but ask myself why the woman filming it couldn't put her smartphone down for a second and help the poor kitty. In fact, this was something that a lot of Twitter users picked up on when she posted the video on the popular social media platform:

However, there were others who came to her defense.

Whatever your opinion on that side of the story, I'm sure you fellow animal-lovers out there will agree that this was a truly heartwarming sight. Forget traditional rivalries - these two will be best buds forever.

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