For years, we have been using some items all around our household but did you know that there are some proper ways in which these things were meant to be used? Going through the list that we have curated here, you will find many items that you use on a daily basis are being used by you and your family members in a totally wrong way. Let’s see all the things that you have been using wrong on an everyday basis.

The Saucepan Handles

Did you know the purpose of the hole in the saucepan handle? It is there to place your spoon after you are done stirring whatever is in the pan. This helps avoid any messes on the countertop and it is something that you will not forget any day soon.

Running Shoes

When it comes to running shoes, we might think that we know all that there is to know about them. After all, they are just running shoes. You might be interested to know that if you use those extra holes that they provide, you will have a tighter grip on your steps and also have a lower chance of getting blisters on your feet.

Soda Cup Lids

Now, this is an interesting one and something that we have not seen before. If you are drinking out of your cup while you are standing, you might just want to continue using the lids as you were. However, if you are sitting down, you might want to fit your cup into the lid so that you have an extra grip on your cup and also use it as a temporary coaster.

Dress Shirt Loops

Most of you might think that the loops on dress shirts are just there for the sake of it. However, they do have a use and it is to hang them on hooks when you do not have a hanger around.

Drink Cartons

You might want to give this a try. Pouring milk out of the other side of the carton allows for a smoother flow of the liquid and also does not allow the milk to get out of the carton too quickly. You might want to give this a try the next time you are having cereal, you definitely won’t regret it.

Wooden Hangers

You might want to go out and buy wooden hangers if you do not have them already. This is because, not only do wooden hangers provide you a place to hang your clothes, but they also repel moths.

Keychain Bottle Openers

We have all been given gift bags that include these bottle openers. While you can use one side to open up bottles, you can also use the other side to open up cans. No more opening cans with your fingers when you can do so easily with the openers, frustration will no longer be a thing.

Takeout Containers

When you are having takeout, you do not need to scrape the bottom of the container for the last of the noodles. You can open up the container and create a makeshift plate out of it. This will also help you avoid using any more dishes.

Car Headrests

There is a rather strange reason behind the fact that the headrests in the cars can be removed completely. This is in case you are stuck in the car and need to break the glass. The two steel bars on the headrests can be used to do exactly that, don’t forget this one!

Backpack Patches

There are many backpacks that have that diagonal leather patch on them. Have you ever wondered why it is there? It is there so you can attach your hiking gear, joggers, or any other equipment that you might want to take outdoors.

Aluminum Foil Boxes

On the side of the foil boxes, you might have seen the little tabs that can be pushed inside. These are there so that you can hold the roll in place while you pull out the aluminum foil. Simple and yet so elegant.

Soda Can Tabs

When you drink out of a can with a straw, the straw often just floats up and falls out of the can. However, you can use the soda tab to secure your straw by just pushing the straw through it into the can.

Pasta Ladles

Have you ever made pasta and ended up cooking way too much and have to throw some of it away? Have you ever noticed that hole in the middle of the pasta ladle? It is there so you can measure a sufficient amount of pasta for one.

Fuel Gauges

The next time you sit in your car, look for this arrow beside the fuel gauge. It will tell you which side of the car has your fuel cap and save you the trouble of parking your car the wrong way at a gas station.

Oven Drawers

Did you know that you can use the oven drawers to store food, which you might have already cooked until you are ready to serve it? This will save quite a lot of utensils in the sink and also save some storage space.

Condiment Cups

Have you ever noticed that the condiment cups that they provide are just not large enough to fit any of your food items in it, making them essentially useless? You can flatten out the cups before you pour in your condiments and then the cups will be large enough to fit in your nuggets.

Shopping Cart Loops

Have you ever run out of space in your shopping cart and had to push around another cart? Well, you could also hang your grocery bags on the little hooks and loops that are available on the shopping carts.

Peeling A Banana

Have you ever tried to peel a banana and had the peel not come off? Try flipping the banana around and peeling it from the bottom. It comes off much more easily and is the reason why monkeys peel the banana from the bottom.


You may not think that there was a wrong way to use a plunger. However, there are different plungers for different drains and you use a flat plunger for a sink and a tapered-end plunger for the toilet.

Juice Boxes

The next time you want to squeeze a juice box without making a mess, you might just want to open up the flaps of the box so that you can have something to hold on to. Also, the juice comes out of the box easily without any of it being left behind.

Highway Signs

Many people have a hard time figuring out which side of the road is the exit for their destination. This is where the highway signs come in. You can see your destination on the signs and if your destination is on the left, the exit is on the left, and if it is on the right side of the board, the exit is on the right.

Dental Floss

Even your dentist will not tell you how to floss properly. In order to ensure that you do not lose your grip on the floss, tie up a knot and create a circle with it. The tension in the floss makes it easier to tie the knot.

Plastic Cup Lid Spoons

You might take your favorite yogurt to the office and then realize you have forgotten to bring a spoon. However, you can make a makeshift spoon with the lid since it is sturdy enough to create a spoon out of it. All you have to do is twist the lid into the right shape.

Toilet Seat Covers

When you are in a public restroom, you might want to use a toilet seat cover. However, while most people would struggle with the handle, try leaving it at the front so that you can pick it up when you are finished.

Tic Tacs

Many people already know this but if you don’t, you can use the space on the lid of the box to bring out one tic tac at a time and not have the trouble of spilling multiple tic-tacs coming out at once.

Fabric Samples

This fabric sample is not just there to annoy you while you wear your clothes. It is there so that you can test it out in your washing machine with the products that you use to know the end result.


Overusing detergent can cause damage to your clothes. This is why, you should always use the cap of the detergent, which usually has a marker to help you measure the right amount of detergent.

Hair Pins

Most people around the world are using hairpins the wrong way. They face the bumpy side up but they do not know that facing the bumpy side down will help your hair stay in place even more securely.

Staple Removers

Did you know that you could use staple removers for other things besides removing staples? They can also be used to remove keys from your key chain without using your fingernails.


When you are brushing your teeth, you should try and use the right amount of toothpaste. Too little, and your smile won’t be as good, and too much will simply be a waste. Check the packaging of the toothpaste to know the right amount that you should be using or consult your dentist.


If you have an oily and greasy scalp, you should focus your shampooing on the scalp rather than the hair since that is where all the oil and grease in your hair comes from.


In order to avoid the mascara from getting clumped up and ruining your entire day, you should make sure that you are not leaving it out to dry. Also, ensure that you are not pushing air into the bottle since that will also dry out the mascara quite quickly and create clumps in it.

Heinz Ketchup

When the ketchup does not come out of the bottle, you might be tempted to smack the bottle as hard as you can in order to get the ketchup out. However, you might want to try something else. On a Heinz Ketchup bottle, try tapping on the ’57’ with a few solid taps and the ketchup will come out quite smoothly.


Your hands might get really sticky when you peel an orange. A better way is to just cut the orange on both ends, top and bottom, and then just open up the orange and you can enjoy the slices without any mess.

Natural Peanut Butter

Many of us have faced the problem that when we go to use the peanut butter after storing it, the oil gets separated. To avoid this, try storing the jar upside down and it will make things easier when you try to mix the oil with the peanut butter.

Slow Cookers

The only way to get your meal prepared at the quickest rate in a slow cooker is not to keep on checking on it every ten minutes. The more heat inside the cooker, the faster your meal will be prepared. So, just be patient.


You may think it’s quite straightforward to load a dishwasher, however, there is a specific way to do it. All you have to do is not get anything in the way of the detergent dispenser and keep an eye on where the spray is coming from. Also, face your dirtiest dishes towards the spray.

Vegetable Peelers

If you want thinner slices of vegetables such as onions, you might want to consider using a peeler rather than a regular knife. The results will be quite amazing.


Try putting in the liquids first and then the solids so that you can make your smoothie more quickly and the blades of the blender do not get stuck.

Analog Watch

If you do not want the screensaver to pop up on your computer, just put your laser mouse on an analog watch. The mouse will detect the second hands movement as a motion under the mouse and it will prevent your computer from locking out.

Cloth Hangers

If you have a lot of clothes and you are running out of storage space or you do not have enough space in your closet to hang all the hangers, this tip is for you. You can hang multiple hangers on one hanger and your clothes will be more organized.

Peanut Butter Jars

If you are ever hanging out by the water, either on a beach or by a swimming pool, you should always keep your valuable belongings, like electronics or keys, safe so that you do not lose them or get water into them. You can use old peanut butter jars for this by cleaning them up properly first.

Slushy Lids

This is kind of a steal for you. 7-11 gives you the slurpee cup and you have to fill it up yourself. Just turn the lid upside down and you will have more room for additional slurpee and you will get better value for your money.

Coca Cola

You must have heard of Coca-Cola. It is one of the most popular soda drinks in the world. However, it can be used for more than just drinking. The acidic nature of the Coca Cola allows for it to be used to clean tiles, porcelain and to remove rust.

Lollipop Stick

The hole in the end of the stick might make it sound like a whistle but it is not a whistle. When the liquid candy is being poured, it fills the hole, so the candy adheres to the stick and won’t get dislodged and stuck in your throat.

Extension Cord

When you are working with extension cords, sometimes when you tug on the cord, it disconnects and then you have to reconnect them all over again. Instead, you can just tie them up in a knot and then plug in the cords so that they do not disconnect when you tug on the cord.

Eating A Toblerone

Toblerone is one of the best chocolate bars out there but the problem is that it is quite difficult to break with your teeth. Many people just nibble at it before they break it. Instead, you can just push the triangle in and it will break easily and you will have a better time enjoying your chocolate.

Cupcake Sandwich

When you get a cupcake, you might find that there is just too much icing on the top and too much cake at the bottom. You can fix this easily by just cutting the cake in the middle or twisting it with your hands and then just making a cupcake sandwich out of it.

Rearview Mirror

It can be quite annoying to have someone driving behind you with their high beams on. You can use the little tab under your rearview mirror to switch it between the day and night mode. It angles down the light so that it does not reflect the light straight into your eyes.

Padlock Holes

If you ever flip over a padlock, you will notice that there is a small hole at the bottom of it. This is used to drain out all the liquid that might get into the lock. However, if the key is ever stuck in it because of rust, you can also put some oil into the lock and free the key.

Hair Conditioner

No one will tell you this but you should always condition your hair first before you shampoo it. It will protect your hair from breaking while also giving you better volume in your hair and will also allow the conditioner to be washed out and not leave your hair flat.

Wooden Spoon For Pasta

When you are making pasta, sometimes it boils over and the water leaks out of the pot. However, you can prevent this by balancing a wooden spoon on top of the pan so that the cool wooden spoon can break the bubbles and not allow the water to flow out of the pan.

Dent In Milk Jugs

You might have seen the dents in milk jugs. They are there to absorb the shock in case the jug falls over and also so that they can expand in case there is an excess of gas inside the milk jug.


You can use sponges for other reasons other than just cleaning. You can make an ice pack out of a sponge. All you have to do is take a clean sponge, soak up water in it and then stick it in the freezer.

Tissue Box

Do you have old tissue boxes lying around? Instead of just throwing them out, you can use them to store your extra plastic bags in them. This helps the reusing of the old tissue boxes and also makes a handy place for your plastic bags.

Curtain Rings

If you also have an extensive wardrobe and not a lot of space to store all your clothes, you can use curtain hangers as shown above in the picture. This will save a lot of space and you will also have extra hangers for other clothing.

Bread Tags

If you are finished with a loaf of bread, don’t just throw out the bread tags that come with the pack. You can use them to manage your cords and also label them as to what they lead to.

Pill Box

A pill box can be used to store things other than your daily pills. From small things such as jewellery to other things like screws, pill boxes can store anything in them that you do not want to easily lose.

Peeling A Hard-Boiled Egg

Hard-boiled eggs can be really difficult to peel. However, you can make things easier by simply tapping on the top and bottom, removing the shell and then blowing on the egg inside with your lips. It will just pop out.

Beer Bottles

If you are ever storing beer, you should always store it in bottles with a neck as narrow as possible. This ensures that the beer remains cold for as long as possible. You should avoid drinking it from a can since it can warm your beer up pretty fast.

Underwear Pockets

Women’s underwear have an extra layer of soft fabric for comfort. However, you might be surprised to know that the extra layer can also be used to store small stuff like lipstick. Although it might look a bit weird.

Hole In The Pen

You might have noticed a hole in the cap of the pen. This is so you do not suffocate in case you swallow the cap of the pen. It also helps to regulate the air pressure inside the pen when the cap is put on or off.

Pom Poms

Did you know that using pom poms as helmets dates back to a very long time? French marines wore pom poms on their helmets as cushions and it provided a little buffer zone in case the boat got rocky.

Boot Loops

The loop in the back of military boots can come in handy. You can use it to hang up the boots to dry or even put your laces through it for a better ankle grip.

Cooling Your Beverages

If you want your beverages to cool at a faster rate in the refrigerator, all you have to do is wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle and it will subsequently lower the cooling time of the beverage.

Cutting Up Cherry Tomatoes

What if we told you that you have been cutting cherry tomatoes wrong all these years? You are, in fact, supposed to cut them in half by squeezing them between lids.

Eating Strawberries

If you want to remove the leaves from the top of the strawberries, you do not have to pluck the leaves one by one. You can just push a straw through the bottom of the strawberry and the leaves will come right off.

Using Lifts

If you want to go straight to your floor without the lift stopping anywhere in between, just press the floor you want to go to while holding the close door button. This is a great tip and will come in handy when you are in a hurry.

Polishing Furniture

If you have wooden furniture and no polish, you can simply use beer to bring the shine to your furniture. The only downside is all the beer you will waste on the furniture.

Ink Cartridges

If your computer says that you are out of ink in your ink cartridge, you can simply use a paper clip to press the reset button on the cartridge. You still have a little ink left in your cartridge and this will come in handy when you are in an emergency.

Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us just go through our lives using the one attachment on the vacuum cleaner. However, there are many attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner and they are there to make your life easier.

Tissue Paper

There are other uses to tissue paper than just using them to wrap up gifts. You can also use them to pack clothes by inserting tissue paper in between them so that the creases do not settle.

Cleaning The Garlic Press

It can be a really hard job to clean your garlic press. Most people just throw it in the dishwasher but it does not really get clean without a good scraping. This is why you should always hand-wash your garlic press.

Cloth Iron

When you are storing your steam iron after ironing your clothes, you should always make sure that you empty the water inside it. Many people just store it with the water inside it and this leads to quite a lot of damage to the internal parts.

Storing Toothbrushes

Many people would just put the cup in a dark medicine cabinet when they are done brushing. However, you must make sure that you store your toothbrushes in light, since if they are stored in a dark place, they do not fully dry. This can lead to a lot of gathering of microbes on your toothbrushes.

Toaster Ovens

Most people just leave the toaster ovens plugged in after they are done cooking. However, you should always make sure that you unplug them otherwise there is a risk of a fire.

Coffee Maker

Many people just leave their coffee machines as they are after they use it. However, you should make sure that you always clean the coffee machine from the inside otherwise bacteria, mold and fungus will start to build up.

Applying Foundation

You should always avoid using your fingers to apply foundation on your skin. Not only does it leave blotchy and streaky lines, it is also bad for your skin. Instead, you should always use a damp makeup sponge to apply the foundation.

The Phone Charger

Many people just leave their phone charging when they sleep. However, this can be pretty bad for your phone’s battery. Experts say that the best charging levels for your phone are between 30 and 50 percent.

The Fire Grill

If you are having a barbecue party, make sure that you do not preheat the grill and put food on top of the open flames. Always cook your food in the spots that have indirect heat and check your food every few minutes.

Robot Vacuum

Many people have swapped their vacuum cleaners for a robot cleaner, hoping that it would do the same job. However, the robot vacuum is meant to serve as an addition to the upright vacuum cleaner not as a substitute.

Measuring Tape Diamonds

You may have never noticed these black diamonds on a measuring tape before. Why would you? It is not as if you were looking for them. However, they come in quite handy when you are trying to find the center point between two studs which is why they are also known as ‘stud finders’.