For years, we have been using some items all around our household but did you know that there are some proper ways in which these things were meant to be used? Going through the list that we have curated here, you will find many items that you use on a daily basis that are being used by you and your family members in a totally wrong way. Let’s see all the things that you have been using wrong on an everyday basis.

Juice Boxes

The next time you want to squeeze a juice box without making a mess, you might just want to open up the flaps of the box so that you can have something to hold on to. Also, the juice comes out of the box easily without any of it being left behind.

Highway Signs

Many people have a hard time figuring out which side of the road is the exit for their destination. This is where the highway signs come in. You can see your destination on the signs and if your destination is on the left, the exit is on the left, and if it is on the right side of the board, the exit is on the right.

Dental Floss

Even your dentist will not tell you how to floss properly. In order to ensure that you do not lose your grip on the floss, tie up a knot and create a circle with it. The tension in the floss makes it easier to tie the knot.

Plastic Cup Lid Spoons

You might take your favorite yogurt to the office and then realize you have forgotten to bring a spoon. However, you can make a makeshift spoon with the lid since it is sturdy enough to create a spoon out of it. All you have to do is twist the lid into the right shape.

Toilet Seat Covers

When you are in a public restroom, you might want to use a toilet seat cover. However, while most people would struggle with the handle, try leaving it at the front so that you can pick it up when you are finished.

Tic Tacs

Many people already know this but if you don’t, you can use the space on the lid of the box to bring out one tic-tac at a time and not have the trouble of spilling multiple tic-tacs coming out at once.

Fabric Samples

This fabric sample is not just there to annoy you while you wear your clothes. It is there so that you can test it out in your washing machine with the products that you use to know the end result.


Overusing detergent can cause damage to your clothes. This is why, you should always use the cap of the detergent, which usually has a marker to help you measure the right amount of detergent.

Hair Pins

Most people around the world are using hairpins the wrong way. They face the bumpy side up but they do not know that facing the bumpy side down will help your hair stay in place even more securely.

Staple Removers

Did you know that you could use staple removers for other things besides removing staples? They can also be used to remove keys from your key chain without using your fingernails.

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