#WeddingFail Encourages People To Reveal Their Wedding Fiasco's & The Stories Are Shocking

#WeddingFail Encourages People To Reveal Their Wedding Fiasco’s & The Stories Are Shocking

#WeddingFail Encourages People To Reveal Their Wedding Fiasco’s & The Stories Are Shocking

    What’s better than a wedding?! I’ll tell you; it’s all the juicy drama that comes with a wedding!!

    Weddings provide the perfect climate for high drama. Everybody drinks too much, dances too much, eats too much and talks too much, if you’re prone to scandal then a wedding can be difficult to navigate! As perfectly evidenced by the #WeddingFail currently trending on Twitter…


    1. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake…

    I wouldn’t be too happy if I walked out in my wedding dress and saw that panicked, deer in the headlight expression staring back at me!


    2. Keep Those Rings Fresh!

    Zip lock bags are great for so many things, but keeping wedding rings in is not one of them! They’re emblems of your undying love for each other, not a sandwich you’re trying to keep fresh!


    3. Great Minds Think Alike

    This is why I always plan my outfits with my girlfriends ahead of going absolutely anywhere! They look like they’re about to break into song!


    4. I’m Stronger Than I Look, Honest!

    They’re some jazzy socks you got on there man! I can’t imagine how much it would cost to take grass stains out of a wedding dress.


    5. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

    Oh the innocence of youth! This is the sort of thing that reality TV wants from the world, but thankfully (and hopefully) slightly more planning went into this weeding.


    6. NSFW

    Imagine heading into work and someone saying, ‘oh let me see the wedding photos!’ and you whip out that picture without realising. I hope she deleted this one from the family album quickly!


    7. The Lowest Of The Low

    I am lost for words at this one, I mean, how insensitive can you be? If someone tried this with me on my wedding day, they’d soon find themselves in A&E having my beautifully chosen shoes removed from their a*s!


    8. Red Wedding

    The poor bride at this one, it’s her day and everyone else is just clambering to be the centre of attention! How insensitive.


    9. *Long, Wavering, High-Pitched Vocal Sounds

    That is the smoothest way I’ve ever seen anyone flip someone off! *Appreciative howling noises…


    10. I’m A Small Honest

    I can sympathise with this one. Why would I need to try on the medium, I know I’m a small so just give me the small!


    11. …You’ve Done What Now?

    Look, he probably saw it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and if it works for them then it’ll work for Gus’ brother, I bet his a*s had never looked better in that tux! You go Gus’ brother, you do you!


    12. #WeddingWin

    I mean this is sort of a fail, but then a victory in the end. Also, how did it fly ‘off’ your mom’s car, how was she getting it to you? Was she using it as a sail on her car?!


    13. The Perfect Moment

    Yes, I can see it all in her expression, the grace, the poise, the elegance… quite simply, dignity personified. I would be equally delighted to have a picture like this of one of my siblings!


    14. When Life Gives You Red Wine Stains, Become An Engineer

    That’s definitely how the expression goes isn’t it?


    15. The Poison Was In The Champagne! Muhahahhahahaa

    Aside from sounding like the plot of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, I couldn’t help laughing at this one! I normally get a wicked hangover from champagne anyway so I think this would see me off completely!


    So those were 15 of the worst wedding fails that will make you think, ‘Thank God it wasn’t my wedding!’ Let me know which one your favourite was in the comments, or if you think you’ve got a better wedding fail put it in the comments!

    (All Image Credit: Twitter)