What Do The Inmates of Orange Is The New Black Look Like In Real Life

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Perhaps one of the most dramatic transformations of the cast, in Lichfield Angie is mostly known for her greasy hair and meth-rotten teeth. Angie took great pleasure in the recent riot, trying to scare the other inmates. In real life, Angie is really the beautiful Julie Lake. Lake admitted it only takes about 20 minutes to Angie-fy her for the show.

2. Francesca Curran - "Skinhead" Helen Van Maele

Helen Van Maele has been a background character in Litchfield for a while now, and is prominent for her bald head. The character believes in and advocated white supremacy. She also participated in capturing Judy King after she attempts to escape. The transformation is staggering.  In real life, Francesca Curran actually describes herself as "so feminine."

3. Taryn Manning -Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett

In the first series, Dogget acts as the main antagonist against new inmate, Piper Chapman. She had some pretty terrible teeth, and the two ended up fighting. After the fight, Pennsatucky got a new set of gnashers and became one of the most loved characters, going through quite a traumatic time in prison. She eventually becomes the driver for the prison bus, but is quickly taken advantage of by one of the guards. Doggett is played by Taryn Manning.

4. Uzo Aduba - Crazy Eyes 

Crazy Eyes is definitely a fan favourite! You can't help but love the mad personality of Suzanne Warren, known as 'Crazy Eyes' for her wild expressions. She has had several major moments on the show, from becoming friends with the evil 'Vee,' to creating a memorial to Poussey. In real life, Crazy Eyes is the lovely Uzo Aduba. Her performance is so great, she won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

5. Laverne Cox - Sophia Burset

Sophia is one of the most loved characters on the series. He character shows the struggles of a transgender inmate in a woman prison, and all the troubles she experiences. She is the resident beauty pro, doing hair and makeup. She is taken to SHU in season three after an altercation with Gloria, and remains there until season five. Sophia is played by Laverne Cox, an openly out transgender actress. Her role on the show has made waves in the entertainment industry, as she's one of the first openly transgender people to star in a major television series, and she's the first openly transgender person to receive an Emmy nomination for acting.

6. Laura Gómez - Blanca Flores

Again, this is one of the more dramatic transformations from show to real life. Blanca Flores is known for her wild hair, monobrow and general personal hygiene, but she's also very clever, having been able to conceal a phone during season one of the show. In real life, she is utterly unrecognisable at the stunning Laura Gómez.

7. Lea DeLaria - Big Boo

Big Boo is one of the few matriarchal figures in the series, playing mother to several others on the show, especially Nicky and Pennsatucky. In season five, she falls for an inmate called Linda Ferguson and eventually romances her. She is infuriated to learn that Linda is actually an employer of MCC in disguise, trying to survive the riots. In real life, Lea DeLaria is also a comedian and jazz musician.

8. Adrienne C. Moore - Cindy Hayes

Cindy Hayes goes through many changes in Litchfield, converting to Judaism in season two and befriending her new Muslim bunk-bed partner in season four after originally being dubious of her. In season five, she works with Taystee to negotiate the terms for the prison inmates in order to put an end to the riot.

9. Kate Mulgrew - Red

"Red" is perhaps the biggest 'mother' figure in the prison, looking after many of the girls including Piper and Nicola. She plays a big role in many of the seasons, running a smuggling business in season one, attempting to kill her old rival Vee in season two, making mortal enemies with guard Piscatella in season four and eventually being captured by him in the riots. Red is played by the stunning Kate Mulgrew, who you might recognise from the original Star Trek.

10. Danielle Brooks - Taystee 

Taystee is one of the most caring characters in the prison, and one of the most intelligent. She is good friends with Crazy Eyes and Poussay and is devastated by her death. She becomes Caputo's assistant in series four due to budget cuts. In season five, she leads the negotiations with MCC to get better conditions in the prison.  Taystee is played by the beautiful Danielle Brooks.

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