During our years of schooling, we experienced late-night study sessions, early morning classes in pajamas, and memorable college parties. As students, we were the center of attention, but it’s important to remember that our teachers made it all possible. They have imparted knowledge and kindness that we cherish even as adults. Some of our favorite moments include turning life lessons into unfortunate situations, grading inappropriate drawings, and making verbal mistakes that we will always remember with a smile.

Gone But Not Forgotten

“I won’t be able to make it to today’s class as I am unwell,” said the teacher. “But don’t worry, I’ll still be keeping an eye on your academic progress. I’ve arranged for a substitute teacher to be present, and to keep you company, we will be displaying a static picture of me on the projector for the entire day. Have a good lesson!”

Ceiling Teacher Watches You Fail


This particular teacher’s cunning and resourceful behavior is admirable and worthy of recognition. By leaving the room and projecting an image of herself onto the board, she was able to keep an eye on her students’ progress while also asserting her authority as an educator. Her actions show her dedication to ensuring academic integrity while also maintaining a sense of humor and fun in the classroom.

Hurry, This Is Important

At ECHS, Mr. Bishop is the undisputed champion of hall passes, and she is not shy about it. She finds it amusing to distribute blown-up images of herself to any student she comes across in the hallways, no matter which class they belong to. While it may be a minor inconvenience for those students, for Mr. Bishop, it’s just another opportunity to spread some fun and humor around the school.

The Perfect Tool

A math professor went above and beyond to ensure that his students received the best education possible. To maintain the high level of accuracy required in mathematics, he used a chair to reach the highest points of the chalkboard. The chair became an essential tool in his teaching, allowing him to emphasize the significance of every element in the subject.

Final Exam Uniform


Final exams are a serious affair for students, regardless of whether they’re freshmen or seniors. It’s a time when academic excellence takes center stage, and appearance takes a back seat. The same goes for professors who administer the exams. If students are expected to rise early and be presentable for an 8 AM final, professors are equally entitled to look just as tired as their students.

Get Back In Your Seats

These particular teachers were known for their lack of patience and understanding. They would get easily agitated with students who were simply getting ready to leave the classroom. However, there were two teachers who took this behavior to the extreme. Their motto seemed to be: “If my words won’t stop you, my body will.”

He’s Got A Point…

A quality education pushes students out of their comfort zones and trains them to think critically and logically. If a teacher challenges you to “Change My Mind,” you must come prepared with a compelling argument, such as the idea that rhinos are not just overweight unicorns. Stand firm, non-believers, and make your case with conviction.

After-School D&D Club

This professor may not be your typical Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, but he does lead the after-school club. However, what really stands out is his exceptional handwriting skills on the whiteboard. One can’t help but wonder where he learned this talent. Who taught him this impressive skill? The mystery remains, and we are eager to uncover his secrets.


The “Wall of Shame” is a place where pictures of those who have committed academic misdeeds are displayed. It includes photos of those who have failed to put their name on their assignments, arrived late due to long bathroom lines, or been caught cheating. Despite the harsh punishment, the perpetrators are given a chance to redeem themselves and learn from their mistakes. Their pictures remain as a reminder of the importance of integrity in academics.

No Walkens

Forget about boring paper signs that no one bothers to read. If you want to get noticed and attract attention, put up a quirky picture of Christopher Walken along with a unique demand, and you’ll see the appointments rolling in. You might even end up with so many bookings that you’ll need to hire someone to help you manage them all. It’s the perfect recipe for instant fame!

This Isn’t How This Works

It’s time to take responsibility for not completing your homework and stop blaming the dog. However, have you ever thought about an alternate universe where the teacher can’t return the graded assignments because their dog has eaten them? In this scenario, which side is the dog on – good or evil? It raises many questions and leaves us wondering.

Christmas Is Coming…

As a resourceful and clever teacher, I might just make a little “mistake” and turn it into a recurring incident, if you catch my drift. Who wouldn’t want to speed up the process of acquiring essential household items from Amazon for their new apartment? It may seem a bit strange to have students asking their parents for a credit card to complete their homework, but as long as it makes perfect sense to me, that’s all that matters.

Only After Class

Oh, Helmet… You’ve ruined the next generation of math cheaters. Helmet’s actions have made it more difficult for students to cheat in this subject, cheating is a product of laziness or simply a clever strategy to get the job done efficiently. But can we really blame these students? They were just using their intelligence. Why go to great lengths to find answers when they’re right in front of you?

Oh No, Oh Nooooooo

The substitute teacher made an unfortunate mistake on their first day by using a whiteboard marker on a smart board. For those unaware, a smart board is a newer piece of equipment that combines the functionality of a whiteboard with a projector, allowing teachers to interact with a digital lesson plan. With this technology, actual markers are not needed. The use of a black marker on the smart board has caused quite a problem.

Good Wishes To Chaos

The teacher simply intended to refill a well-loved bean bag chair that countless students had sat on. She had ordered a fresh bag of soft filling and had already started the process of refilling the chair. However, things quickly spiraled out of control, and a huge, static mess had formed before she knew it.

Mr. Leg…Gatt

Mr. Leggatt, you were supposed to be the best of the best, the chosen one who would set an example for all others to follow. However, it appears that you are just like your students, if not worse. You now find yourself sitting on the floor in both discomfort and amusement. Ironically, this has made you more relatable to your students than ever before.

Gandalf Shouldn’t Be A Teacher

Drawing on tests – be it to pass the time once you’re finished or to express your displeasure with the presented material – is a rite of passage for every student. More often than not, the doodles are scribbled out or simply ignored. However, sometimes something special occurs, and your teacher joins in on the fun.

Crotches Are Funny

Can’t we appreciate the beauty of the human body in its entirety, including the crotch region? It seems that this teacher has some reservations about it. However, we believe that our crotches are just as beautiful as the rest of our bodies, and embracing our bodies in their entirety is important.

The Bermuda Triangle Award

I’m curious, what does the term “Pre-AP Pre-Calculus” even mean? Is it just another way of saying a regular Pre-Calculus class? And is a Pre-AP class any different from a regular one? The naming of this certificate seems off to me. Nevertheless, it’s important for Josh to ensure that he keeps his assignments close to him at all times.

“The Man”

How wonderful would it have been to have a college professor like this! Regardless of whether I was correct or not, I would always be right in their eyes. However, my reality was far from this, as I had a professor who took offense when I questioned his established norms. What a terrible experience it was, I still don’t have the confidence to argue.

All The Singles Quizzes


“Attention to all the single quizzes, put your grades up!” The sight of more and more papers without names being placed on the whiteboard was always a disappointment. The teacher was willing to accept any student who put their name on it. It’s been said that some of those quizzes are still waiting for their owners. How tragic it is to lose grades for something as simple as forgetting to write a name.”

I Will Remember You…

Once, I thought I had a good grasp of the planets in our solar system. But that all changed when the scientific community decided to demote Pluto and remove it from the list of official planets. It was a shock to my system, and I’m sure many others felt the same. So I can’t help but hope that one day, Pluto will be welcomed back into the planetary fold, even if only as an adopted member.

The XXX And The Bees

In high school, there was always that one friend (or a few) who expressed their artistic ability on our homework. Whenever we looked away, our papers were covered in drawings waiting to be completed by our lenient teachers. Luckily for this particular student, a beautiful flower and a bee belong together on their homework.

Mr. White

The TV series “Breaking Bad” might have ended a while ago, but the legacy of Walter White still lingers on. It’s no surprise that students are now learning chemistry from the infamous fictional character, played by Bryan Cranston, who’s known for his expertise in the field. And who better to assist him than his trusted partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman? This chemistry class is bound to be a thrilling ride.