Which A-Lister's Have Made It On To Meghan And Harry's Glittering Godparent List

Which A-Lister’s Have Made It On To Meghan And Harry’s Glittering Godparent List

Which A-Lister’s Have Made It On To Meghan And Harry’s Glittering Godparent List

    With the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first baby fast approaching, thoughts have quickly turned to who will be named Godparents of their child from the plethora of A-list friends that the two have accrued over their years!

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    Harry and Meghan are not short of friends of the celebrity kind.

    Not only was their wedding a parade of the planet’s who’s who but Meghan’s baby shower was also a collection of star-spangled glitterati assembled by none other than Tennis legend Serena Williams herself. I could hang out with celebrities like this if I wanted to, I choose not to though ’cause I’m really busy.

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    Its expected that the royal couple will pick an array of men and women to be godparents to their child, royals also don’t typically pick family members but instead choose close friends – which explains why Prince Harry isn’t himself godfather to any of William and Kate’s children. Most recently, Kate and William chose six people to be godparents to Prince Louis, although Meghan and Harry haven’t exactly been playing by the conventional rules thus far.

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    As well as Serena Williams, other most-likely names being floated around are the likes of  Jessica Mulroney (fashion stylist), and Amal Clooney, both of whom were prominent figures at the royal couple’s wedding – with Mulroney’s kids holding Meghan’s train on her way into the church.

    George Clooney recently responded to rumours that he’d be asked but said, ‘I’m the father of twins, I have enough sh*t to deal with—literally!’ He’s a renowned prankster though so could be easily just throwing people off the scent!

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    On Harry’s side of things the suspicions have been more focussed on his personal friends and relations, with Tom Inskip (Below, Left) and Zara Tindall (Below, Right) being amongst the favourites (Harry was reportedly made Godfather to her youngest back in March).

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    While Serena Williams is a candidate that I’d be putting my money on, I wouldn’t go running off to the bookies yet, ’cause if Meghan and Harry have taught us anything during this pregnancy, it’s that they aren’t ones for going the conventional route.