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At some point or another, most people have wished that falling in love was more like it was in the movies. In the films, everyone meets the perfect person at the perfect time, whether they lock eyes across a crowded room, or one swoops in to help when the other drops their books. There might be drama along the way, with jealous friends, romantic rivals, or just plain circumstance keeping the couple apart - but everything is always wrapped up in a neat little bow by the time the credits roll.

With that said, despite these many hallmarks and cliches, the rom-com genre is huge. Just like relationships, every single one is different, and it's hard to predict what yours will look like. Do you stumble on your happy ending totally by accident, while pursuing a totally different goal? Or are you a hopeless romantic constantly searching for the right person, only to find that disaster strikes at every single turn? Do you fall for every dashing stranger that walks through your office or classroom door? Or is it the person you've known all along, who usually fades into the background, that ends up becoming the centre of your whole world?

If you want to know which rom-com your life reflects the most, then take this quiz and find out! Be warned though: we don't advise holding up a boombox to somebody's window or keeping a detailed journal about your feelings for your co-worker, at least not without permission. Read More

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