The Worst Feeling In Her Life

Mia can’t breathe. She lies under the bed, completely frozen. Her heartbeat pounds in her ears as her husband stands only inches away from her. This was supposed to be a fun prank to get their relationship back on track, but it had gone completely wrong.

She had to do something! She couldn’t let her marriage break down. She didn’t want to be a failure. She felt sick and her vision blurred, like she was about to pass out. But the worst was yet to come.

A Picture Perfect Couple

Mia and John were meant for each other. They were high school sweethearts. They were king and queen at prom, and everyone knew they’d get married the second they lay eyes on each other. 25 years later, they have two beautiful kids.

It all seemed like a fairytale romance, the kind you get in movies and on postcards. But Mia began to realise that not every fairytale has a happy ending.

A Slow Kind Of Heartbreak

Mia and John used to spend all their time together. They used to laugh at silly things, and Mia felt like she was on cloud nine whenever she watched John playing with their children. But even though their relationship had started out that way, it wasn’t to last.

Over the years, John became more and more distant. He’d stay at work late, go out on the weekends. Mia felt like she hardly ever saw him. She wondered if he was hiding something. Something that would destroy their marriage forever.

A New Burst Of Joy

John always used to prank Mia in cute ways, like how he’d filled the garden with roses when she was at the store, to something as simple as drawing her face with cream on a cup of hot cocoa. So Mia figured she should prank John to get him to open up to her.

But what should her prank be? She wanted to find out what he was really feeling, whether their marriage could be saved. Unfortunately, she picked the worst possible prank…

Dear John

Mia finally settled on how she would prank her husband. It wouldn’t be a big prank. It would be something easy to pull off, and something that would definitely get her husband’s attention.

She decided to write John a note explaining how she was feeling. She’d wait for him to read it, and then surprise him. Then they could talk about it and get to the bottom of where he was spending all of his time, and why he wasn’t spending it with her. But she couldn’t have predicted how he’d react.

How Can A Prank Go So Wrong?

In the note, Mia said that the relationship had run its course. It had reached the end of the line. She wanted a divorce.

Of course, she didn’t actually want a divorce. She loved John more than ever and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, but she needed to get a reaction out of him. She needed to find out what he was really thinking inside his head. But her plan was about to backfire spectacularly.

The Note On The Bed

Mia’s plan was simple. She would put the note on top of the bed so her husband couldn’t miss it. He’d walk in and see the note out of place and start reading it straight away. But to find out his reaction, she’d have to be in the room as well…

She decided to hide under the bed where her husband couldn’t see her. Then, when the time was right, she’d jump out and surprise her husband, revealing the prank. They would joke about how they could never actually get a divorce. Or would they?

How Would John React?

In Mia’s head, it was the perfect plan, though she didn’t really know how her husband would react. She hated herself for thinking it, but a part of her hoped that he’d break down in tears. That when she appeared from under the bed he’d throw himself into her arms.

He’d tell her how sorry he was for neglecting her, that he’d try harder to be there for her, to share his feelings with her. He’d say that their marriage was the most important thing in the world to him. But Mia couldn’t have been more wrong.

Putting The Plan Into Action

Mia took a deep breath and wrote the note. There was something freeing about writing it, even if she didn’t believe in it. She knew just the right way to tug on her husband’s heartstrings. She was sure he’d completely believe she wanted a divorce.

She put the note on the bed, right where her husband would see it, and hid herself beneath the bed. It was a tight squeeze and she forced herself to breathe quietly so her husband wouldn’t hear her. Then she heard John arrive.

The Husband’s Return

It was late. The kids were already asleep. Normally, if John came back this late, Mia would be at the door waiting for him. She’d be annoyed, but his handsome smile would win her heart just like it had when they were teenagers. Not this time.

Mia heard her husband calling for her, wondering where she was. But she stayed silent beneath the bed. That was her last chance to stop her plan falling apart completely.

The Creaking Stairs

Mia heard her husband slowly come up the stairs. There was a time when he’d carried her upstairs as they both laughed, but those days were long gone. Now, every creaking step brought him closer to a fate neither of them could now avoid.

Mia began to regret her plan. She felt sick to the pit of her stomach. But even she couldn’t have predicted how her husband would react to the note.

A Terrifying Reaction

Mia watched her husband enter the bedroom and close the door behind him. Then he locked it. She could feel heart beating in her throat. She watched his shoes get closer to the bed, the shoes she’d bought him for his birthday. They were scuffed and dirty.

She heard John pick up the note, and there was silence. He must have been reading it. She waited for the reaction. Maybe he would start crying, or gasp in shock. But it was even worse than that. He started laughing.

The Phone Call

Mia felt dizzy. John got out his phone and called someone. But who could he possibly be calling? Maybe a friend who would console him about the news. “We’re so lucky!” John said into the phone. “My marriage is over, and now we can be together.”

Mia wanted to cry but she had to hold back her tears. It was worse than she’d ever feared. He was having an affair! She wanted to burst out from under the bed and confront him, but she was paralysed. She heard him hang up the phone and watched him leave the room. But the story doesn’t end here.

The Other Woman

Who had John called on the phone? Mia wondered who it could possibly be. Maybe it was someone he’d met at work. Maybe that’s who he was spending all his time with in the evenings. He’d said he was working to provide for their family, but instead he was destroying it.

But maybe it was closer to home. That thought disturbed Mia more than anything else. He’d always been close with her sister, but how close? But Mia never could have guessed who was on the other end of the phone…

Picking Up The Pieces

How do you move when your whole life has been completely shattered? Mia didn’t know how, but she felt herself getting out from underneath the bed. She could almost see her body from the outside, her movements not her own.

Maybe she kept moving for her kids. Maybe part of her needed to confront her husband about his infidelity. But soon she found herself staring at the note she’d left on the bed. What she then discovered turned everything upside-down.

Another Note?

Nestled underneath the note she’d written was another sheet of paper. One that hadn’t been there before. How could it have gotten there, and what could it possibly say?

Maybe it was a confession from her husband. If he’d gone off to be with his new lover, this might be the last thing she ever heard from him. She knew she’d remember this moment forever, even before she began to read it. But nothing could have prepared her for what her husband had written.

Something You Don’t Want To Read

Mia had to summon up the courage to read the note. She’d never wanted to find herself in a situation like this, but part of her knew that her fate had led her to this moment. These events were set in motion the moment she’d thought up her plan.

She looked down at the page in her hand and wiped away tears from her eyes. She had to face up to what John had written, whatever it might be. She’d come out stronger in the end for it.

A Master Of The Counter-Prank

Mia began to read the note. “My dear wife,” John had written, “if you’re going to try to prank me again, I have a few suggestions for you. First of all, don’t let your feet stick out from underneath the bed where I can see them.

“I decided to get my own back. Now I’m going downstairs to light some candles and cook dinner. Hopefully you’ll join me for a romantic evening in front of the TV.”

Fear Turns To Embarrassment

Mia felt her breath catch in her lungs, a mixture of relief, guilt and embarrassment. Her husband had seen right through her prank and pranked her right back! She’d spent so long worrying about him and his reaction, but it had all been for nothing.

But if that was true, who was on the other end of the phone? There was more to figure out about this story.

No Signal

Mia realised something: John must have been faking the phone call! That’s why she never could have guessed who was at the other end of the line… because there was no one there at all.

She began to feel even more guilty that she’d been so suspicious of her husband. John must have realised her suspicion, which is why he’d faked the phone call, turning her worst nightmare into reality… or so it had seemed. How could she ever make it up to him?

Trust Is Everything

Mia and John aren’t so different to you and me. There’s suspicion and insecurity in every relationship. The smallest worry can fester and grow into fear and anxiety with deep roots. That’s why it’s so important to trust your partner.

And if you can’t trust them, they shouldn’t be your partner. It’s as simple as that. If you let that trust flicker and falter for even a moment, terrible things can happen…

Amanda & Michael

If you could spy on your partner, would you? It’s not the right thing to do. It’s an invasion of privacy. But, sometimes, when you feel completely out of the options, you feel like you just need to find out the truth.

Amanda and Michael Carter were a happy couple until she started noticing something strange. Whenever the babysitter came over, Michael would insist on paying her outside where his wife couldn’t hear them. She had to find out what was going on.

Breaking Trust

The secret conversations between her husband and the babysitter ate away at Amanda. What could they possibly be saying? There was only one way to find out.

Amanda decided to record her husband and the babysitter whispering to each other. Then she’d know for sure what was being said between them. But even a perfect plan can go disastrously wrong.

Meant To Be

Everyone envied the Carters. Amanda was an executive at a financial firm, and Michael was a decorated veteran. But they didn’t let their careers get in the way of love: the whole town would see them holding hands at the store and laughing at each other’s jokes.

But as is so often the case, some things can be too good to be true. Everything changed when Amanda gave birth to their daughter. She struggled to balance her busy career with her responsibilities to her child…

Doing The Right Thing Can Go So Wrong

Every mother only wants the best for her children. When she struggles to give that to them, it’s hard. Amanda was providing for her family with her career, especially after Michael left the army, but she still didn’t feel like it was enough.

Amanda began to feel guilty that she wasn’t doing enough for her family, so she and Michael began to think about ways to improve the situation for the child. Little did Amanda know that Michael had already thought of something.

Going Behind Her Back

One day, Michael said that he’d found a solution. He’d hired a young, attractive babysitter without Amanda’s knowledge. She was immediately suspicious, but she had to give her husband the benefit of the doubt.

After all, Michael had only ever had eyes for her. They’d been together for years, and everyone knew that their relationship was rock solid. But even rock weathers and breaks apart in time.

Lisa The Babysitter

Lisa was an excellent babysitter. She was young, but Michael said she’d been a babysitter for many of his friends and they trusted her completely. Amanda appreciated Lisa’s help with her daughter… until she noticed something strange.

Whenever Lisa came to collect her babysitting money, Michael would insist on paying her outside, even when it was winter. And there was something strange about Lisa that made Amanda especially uncomfortable.

Flirting Begins At Home

There was no doubt about it: Lisa had a flirty personality. Amanda didn’t know if Michael even realised, but Lisa would smile and wink at him across the room. When they were close, she’d put her hand on his arm.

Amanda didn’t immediately think this was wrong. Some people are more tactile, and she didn’t feel threatened by her. But over the next few weeks, things got worse and worse.

Where Does The Love Go?

It didn’t seem like Michael was so deeply in love with Amanda anymore. Once you become parents, your relationship changes. Maybe Michael didn’t find Amanda as attractive or beautiful anymore.

Amanda knew she was being insecure, but she could see her marriage crumbling in front of her. She knew she had to act.

Gathering the Evidence

Amanda was close to breaking point. She wanted to confront Michael about Lisa’s behaviour, but she knew that she would need evidence. She put together a plan. She would set up cameras in the house to record Michael and Lisa.

She would be able to see Michael and Lisa talking to each other. She’d be able to hear what they were saying to each other outside. It was the perfect plan… or was it?

Lights, Camera, Heartbreak

Amanda found discreet cameras online. She set them up and connected them to her work laptop, something that Michael would never check. She’d be able to record footage and then review it when Michael wasn’t looking.

She left the cameras recording for a week. Lisa visited the house every day that week, and her behaviour made Amanda feel sick. But when she came to review the videos, it was even worse.

The Worst Movie Of The Year

Amanda took a deep breath and opened her laptop. She knew that there was no going back, but she needed to find out the truth. She tried to prepare herself for the worst, that maybe Michael had been having an affair in this very house, right under her nose.

She pressed play on the video footage. She saw Lisa flirt with Michael constantly, to the point Amanda could hardly keep watching. But then she heard a knock at the door.

Lisa Comes To Collect

Lisa was at the door, asking to be paid for the week. Amanda stayed quiet, not revealing what she’d just been watching. She hated Lisa more than anything, but reached for her purse.

Just then, Michael appeared and said that he’d handle the money, just like usual. After they went outside, Amanda logged on to the main camera feed. But she wasn’t ready for what she saw.

The Man Of Her Dreams

This was another level entirely. Part of Amanda had tried to justify watching the camera footage. It was to check the security of their house, to keep their child safe, not to spy on her husband. But now she was watching him in real time, having a private conversation.

Amanda knew that when trust in a relationship breaks down, there’s probably no way back. But she was glued to the screen. She had to know what they were saying.

The Little Black Dress

Lisa wasn’t wearing her usual clothes. She’d come to the house in a figure-hugging black dress that would make any man weak at the knees. Her intentions were very clear: she was going to steal Michael away from Amanda once and for all.

Amanda couldn’t see Michael’s face in the camera footage, but she wondered if he had a glint in his eye, if he’d noticed Lisa’s dress. It was impossible not to notice it. But what Lisa did next was truly sickening.

Come Hither

Amanda watched on the camera as Lisa ran her hands down her body and smiled at Michael. She twirled in her black dress and listened keenly as Michael talked, but Amanda couldn’t quite figure out what he was saying.

Lisa grabbed Michael by the hand and whispered to him. Amanda leaned closer to the laptop, trying to hear as best she could. That was her biggest mistake.

The Argument

All of a sudden, Michael and Lisa started shouting at each other, and Lisa started crying. Amanda was so shocked that she slammed the laptop shut, worried that they’d hear her listening in. She couldn’t figure it out.

Amanda saw Lisa run past the window in tears. Michael slammed the front door behind him and slumped down on the sofa. Amanda couldn’t resist asking what had happened.

No More Lisa

Michael was angry. Amanda didn’t want to say anything at all, but she had to find out the truth. She asked what had just happened. Michael said that Lisa wasn’t going to be their babysitter anymore.

Michael had fired Lisa, right there in front of the house. There was only one question in Amanda’s mind, and she finally built up the courage to ask it: why?

Misadventures in Babysitting

Michael took his hands away from his face and looked Amanda in the eye. Had she not seen it? Lisa had been inappropriate with him from day one. She would constantly flirt with him and try to get him alone, whispering to him.

He’d tried to ignore it, because Amanda seemed to like her so much, and she was a good babysitter, but enough was enough. If Lisa couldn’t respect his marriage or his family, she had no business being their babysitter. Without thinking, Amanda told him exactly how much she’d seen…

The Spying Comes Out

Amanda admitted everything. How she’d been suspicious of her husband and how she’s even gone so far as to install cameras around the house to spy on him and his activities. She knew it was wrong. She knew it now, and she knew it back then.

Michael simply sat in stunned silence. The trust in their marriage had been completely broken, all while he’d been trying to act in his wife’s best interests. But he didn’t even get a chance to speak.

The Tears Flow Like Waterfalls

Amanda began to cry. She knew she had to be absolutely honest with her husband or their marriage woudl never be the same again. She admitted that she’d felt insecure ever since they’d had a child. She was worried that Michael would no longer find her attractive.

She was worried that she wasn’t good enough as a wife and as a mother. She opened her heart to her husband, but she would have never guessed what Michael would say when he finally spoke…

A Shoulder To Cry On

Michael forgave her. He knew that things had become harder in their marriage. He wouldn’t give up their child for anything in the world, but there’s no question that having kids changes your lives forever, both individually and as a couple.

Michael resolved to support Amanda more, especially around the house. And when it came to picking the babysitter next time, Amanda would be the one to choose.