Woman Accidentally Glues Armpit Together With Wax After Botched 'Surprise' For Boyfriend 


One woman from Glasgow managed to glue her armpit together with wax after forgetting all about it and ended up narrowly missing a trip to A and E to sort the beauty fiasco out!

(Source: Twitter)

There's nothing fun about shaving, and if you can tolerate the pain of waxing it can be a good alternative; however, after Kiera Stirton's waxy accident it might be a while before I consider the waxing route again! (the odds of me waxing are slim to none anyway but humor me!)

Thankfully the red in the photo is NOT blood as I (and I think everyone else) thought! But the dreaded wax...

The Glaswegian tweeted the alarming photo expressing her shock at the situation she'd managed to get herself into, the waxing was supposedly meant to be a 'surprise' for when her boyfriend came back from holiday.

It'll be a cold day in hell before I surprise anyone with anything like that! 

(Source: Twitter)

Keira posted the images with the caption:

'Ano yous are all bored about hearing about me and ma boyfriend but yes he’s on holiday so a thought I would suprise him and wax, forget the wax was wet now my f*cking armpit is glued the gither. A&E and let’s just say my bikini line is getting the good old trusty razor.'

And they say romance is dead!

For people who may be less versed in the Glaswegian accent, the narrative basically translates to she forgot the wax was wet and ended up gluing her armpit together (together)! 

(Source: Twitter)

Gladly it wasn't only me who saw the pictures and reacted much more worriedly than was needed, with one of her Twitter followers commenting:

'Kiera I thought that was blood'

To which Kiera replied, 'So did my mum she was freaking out'.

I've got to be honest I'd still be freaking out a little bit! What if you fell and automatically put your arms out to stop yourself, you'd rip all the skin off! (My brain automatically goes to the worst most unlikely situations sorry, it comes with old age!)

(Source: Twitter)

The pictures ooze that unique feeling that just makes you think, 'oh thank god it's not me!'

According to an interview, Kiera said that she eventually built up the bottle to rip away the wax and was just left with some bruising and a small cut on her armpit. The price we pay to look good eh!

In the unlikely event that something like this happens to you, there are some ways that you can get out of the sticky situation without needing to head to the hospital or simply ripping it off (which is making me go weak at the knees just thinking about).

According to livestrong.com, there are a few options and they're very straightforward.

Firstly, you can soak a cloth in warm water and soak the wax, this should soften it enough so that you can peel it off (basically, carefully reheat the wax).

Secondly, soak a cotton pad in olive, baby, or mineral oil and soak the wax as oil can dissolve wax. (I couldn't do this though as the texture of cotton pads and balls goes through me so much that I'm tensing up just writing this)

There was also a third option which involved petroleum jelly but quite frankly it seemed a little iffy and basically was the same as the first one but with some jelly on it and I'm not falling for it. 

I'm onto you health gurus! 

Why is it that the internet loves seeing people's beauty fails so much? I mean, I'm glad that Kiera got out of going to A&E, but this one is a doozy! Let me know what you make of this in the comments below and be sure to tag the person you know who is most likely to do this to themselves! AAx