Woman Gives Birth To "Twins" With Different Dads In Miracle Surrogacy Story


There are not many couples out there that don't dream of raising a baby together. Sadly, it's not always as easy as some of us would hope...

For many gay couples having a baby isn't as simple as it is for others! Whilst some are happy to adopt (which in itself is a lengthy and challenging process!) others are desperate to have a new generation of their own flesh and blood, which is totally understandable!

One such couple was Simon and Graeme. They wanted their own children to raise and so set about looking for a surrogate mother. Luckily, they happened to meet the amazing Meg Stone in Canada.

Now they had their surrogate Mum, the couple decided to use an anonymously donated egg. They were pretty much ready to go! But...

(Image Credit: Facebook, Graeme Berney-Edwards) 

... The couple couldn't decide who should fertilize the embryo, essentially; who should father the child! Who can blame them! That's a seriously tricky question to get around!

It's almost impossible to negotiate and naturally, loving one another the way they do, both were equally keen for the other to father their child...

At this point Simon and Graeme consulted their doctor who let them in on some amazing news. Advances in IVF technology now means that two separate father's can fertilize two separate embryo's and have twins (should the fertilized embryos be successful).

Simon and Graeme were stunned by this news but, as you can imagine, extremely excited as well. They agreed to both try and father a child. Meg went through with the procedure and the couple was delighted to hear when she fell pregnant.

Though Simon and Graeme didn't like to presume that they would both have a biological child as a result of the IVF treatment, they certainly did hope that one day that might be their reality. If either of the men did not manage to have a biological child in the first round the pair agreed that the one without a child would try again.

Amazingly, both embryos were successful and Simon and Graeme knew they would become fathers!

“We didn’t know how to thank her. We told her we were so grateful to her— she was changing not only our lives but our families too.”

After the fertilization, Simon and Graeme got married and flew to Canada to meet Meg for the first time. Simon said,

Throughout the pregnancy, Meg kept the newlyweds up to date with any news of the babies. At 31 weeks Meg thought she was going into labor, Simon and Gareme flew over immediately but it was just a false alarm.

They stayed with Meg for a further six weeks until their babies were born...

(Image Credit: Facebook, Graeme Berney-Edwards)

"Graeme held her hand through it all while her mom and I stood at the other end," Simon recalls. "It was the most amazing experience of our lives."

Alexandra (Simon's daughter) was born first, followed by Graeme's son, Calder.

(Image Credit: Facebook, Graeme Berney-Edwards)

"It was incredibly special having her there to celebrate the twins special day with us. It's hard work having two babies, but Graeme and I are loving every minute of it," 

After the birth Simon and Graeme have kept in touch with Meg. They have titled her their children's "Tummy Mummy". How cute?!?!

Simon has spoken about having Meg around to celebrate the twins' first birthday;

(Image Credit: Facebook, Graeme Berney-Edwards)

Don't you just love a happy ending?! *sobs uncontrollable tears of joy*

Do you have a similarly spectacular surrogate story?! Let me know in the comments! And be sure to share with all the soon-to-be Mum's and Dad's in your life! AAx