Woman In Jail For Stalking After Sending Man 150,000 Messages After ONE Date

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He hoped that would be the end of that, but oh boy, did he have another thing coming.

In the 10-month period that followed, Ms Ades allegedly sent more than 159,000 messages to him - and some of them were extremely disturbing, containing threats of graphic violence, including mentions of cutting up his body and bathing in his blood.

The man first called the police when he saw her parked outside his house in July 2017. He also reported to police that she had returned months later, in December 2017.

The 31-year-old woman was arrested the following May 2018 after she was allegedly found bathing in his bath at his Paradise Valley home. A large butcher's knife was also allegedly found in the passenger seat of her car.

According to The Arizona Republic Newspaper, when asked to explain herself by officers, she said: "I guess that I made up a whole scenario in my head where I live here, so I came here and pretended that's what was happening."

Well, that's charming, but we have these things called property rights. And also restraining orders.

In their statement, Police said Ades was 'showing signs of mental illness'. There's an understatement and a half.

There were some days when the beautician allegedly sent the poor man more than 500 messages in a single day. Occasionally, these messages could be extremely unsettling:

"I'd make sushi outta ur kidneys n chopsticks outta ur hand bones"

"oh what would I do w ur blood! Id wanna bathe in it"

"don't ever try to leave me... I'll kill you"

When interrogated by police, Ades said that 'something came over her' when she sent the more violent threats and she never meant to hurt or scare the man. She said: "It's OK if that's how (he) feels," Ades said. "Somebody else should love him. He has so much to love. He's so cute. I can't believe I scared him."

I can, Jacqueline. I can totally believe it.

Speaking from the police station after her arrest, she told press in an unsettling video interview that she had been looking for her 'healing angel', as she was advised by a psychic. She said: "I felt like I met my soul mate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine."

Ades is currently being held without bond at Maricopa County Jail, Arizona, and has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespass. She is due to face trial on February 5th.

When asked by reporters whether she would ever have actually hurt the man in question, she replied "No, I love him so much" She also said that if he "didn't like it", she would "go home and love her ex-boyfriend".

If I was the ex, I would run for cover at this point.

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