Woman Sets Up Bird Photo Booth With Incredible Results

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1.) Stunning morning doves

These beautiful morning doves are so adorable! Their colours are stunning and I had no idea that doves could come in these colours, we never get to see these birds up close.

2.) Does this bird have teeth?!

For a second I really thought that this bird actually had teeth and I was absolutely horrified. Thankfully, it's just a crow eating seeds, those eyes are seriously piercing though.

3.) Love birds

These two doves are just so adorable, look how in love they look! I want someone that looks at me the way these two birds look at each other.

4.) Noisy birds

These birds clearly have a lot to say to one another! I wonder if they are just talking over one another, competing for attention? Either way, bird songs are always beautiful.

5.) Is this bird trying to sell me something?

This bird looks incredibly sassy and I'm not too sure what he's trying to do. It looks like he is trying to sell some magic or tell people's fortunes or something. I wouldn't trust this bird if I were you...

6.) Dead moth - my favourite lunch!

Wow, this bird really does look like he means business. I feel really sorry for that moth, it must have looked at him in the wrong way or something. This bird is so sassy and I fear for my life...

7.) Posing for the camera

This beautiful bird just knows that she is eye-catching and decided to pose for a picture, I love her hairstyle! It's incredible that this woman is able to capture such amazing pictures.

8.) Action shot

This bird just wanted to grab some food and go, no paparazzi, please! However, she still managed to capture this amazing flying shot thanks to the motion camera.

9.) A charmer

This bird knows exactly how to get the ladies. He knows that he is handsome and plumping up those feathers will have the ladies swooping in!

10.) Are you looking at me?

Now, that is what I call a good hair day! This bird is killing it with his looks and coupled with that attitude, he is definitely about to drop the biggest rap album of 2019.

11.) Biting off more than he can chew

This little bird goes by the classic "if I carry it all at once, it's not too much food." We've all been there, grab loads of food and run, hopefully, no one will see!

12.) A friendly young man

This bird looks so polite and handsome, I'm sure he gets all of the ladies flying his way! He is very photogenic too and he knows it!

13.) Young love

These birds are simply beautiful, that purple colouring is amazing! They are definitely in the midst of a young romance and it's adorable, I'm sure they will be very happy together!

14.) Worshipping the sun

This adorable little fella is just incredibly grateful to the sun clearly, look at the way he is praising it! So cute, I bet he is singing, "praise the lord!"

15.) You are now my chair

These two best friends are there for each other through thick and thin, they even carry each other when times get tough! Or, this bird just uses his friend as a chair, nice.

16.) Doves are elegance and beauty

Doves always conjure up images of elegance and beauty. However, they enjoy food as much as us and love to indulge, when they don't look quite so pretty!

17.) Red-bellied woodpecker

This photo allows us to FINALLY see the red belly on the red-bellied woodpecker! He is gorgeous and definitely appreciating the food left out for him at the photo booth.

18.) Her favourite treat

I had no idea that birds have a thing for orange jelly but I'm going with it. This beauty seems to be enjoying it anyway!

19.) Where's the food at?

This bird was waiting in line for hours and he is not impressed that barely any seems to be left! Customer service needs to improve or he will be speaking to your manager...

20.) This is MY food

This fella definitely does not want to share any of his food. Thankfully, the camera poses no threat to his food supply!

I am definitely going ot try out this idea now, birds are so beautiful and its amazing to finally seem them so up close! Which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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