Woman Who Instructs Ladies Not To Speak And Bring Their Husbands Beer Causes Outrage And Ends Up Losing Her Job


So, if you're anything like me that title is enough to send you into a rage. Well, buckle up, because there's plenty more where that came from...

just what we're supposed to do during the game?! We couldn't possibly be watching it?! We couldn't possibly communicate with those who are 

Store this rage, ladies. Store it right up and use it next time you need the energy to exercise...



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Okay... Okay, deep breaths everyone... let's just walk each other through this.

your name

Then we come to the real cherry on top of this disastrously sad excuse of a Sundae. To reward her husband for behaving like a complete thug, Denise merrily skips to the kitchen (you know, that place where women are born!) and "fetches" him a beer. Tra-la-la, the life of a domestic goddess, eh girls? It's a fine time.

kisses her?! DEEPLY 

Diane reveals it's all just about "patience and timing"... Yes. A doormat does need excellent patience and timing.

But don't worry, as usual, the heroine's of the internet caught onto this SHOCKING advice and were only too happy to school Diane on the extreme error of her (and her husband's!) ways.

Journalist Dana Schwartz was having 0% of this utter nonsense and delivered this crushing trio of tweets...

Right?! This is not the kind of behavior that should be broadcast as a kind of positive influence! It seems more like a cry for help to try and get out of a terrible place


I laughed so hard at this I got abs. Thank God Dana is here to lay things out straight for us. This is just pitch perfect and I want her to be my new best friend.


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"A fate worse than death". 

But Dana wasn't the only dry-heaving reader! (the sentences you never expect to type, eh?)

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This gal get's it spot on! McAllister is bragging like she's the best-behaved dog at the show despite the fact she's (hopefully!) an autonomous woman??? Speaking isn't "slipping up", ladies, just in case you needed that reminder today!

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No thank you

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Philip pipes up with a good point! Maybe McAllister enjoys some weird kind of kink where she lives like a 1950's housewife?? And enjoys the life of a downtrodden house maid?? Regardless, she's not in any position to be spouting this kind of nonsense as a "teachable lesson" to other women (who, I don't know, quite like being treated as a human being?)

D'hara can sympathize with McAllister, to an extent.

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Yes, D'hara! We're so glad this woman escaped the man who treated her like this. Hopefully, she inspires McAllister, but somehow we doubt it...

It wasn't just women pointing out the evident toxicity of the relationship.

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If only more men were like Ben... Oh, hey! That sentence rhymed so I guess it's doubly true?!

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sportswriter and even he knows this kind of behavior is not okay! If a guy whose literal livelihood 

This HuffPost writer expressed concern for Denise's relationship, saying...

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And then things got a little more heated...

For reasons that both baffle and enrage me, Denise decided to fire back by insinuating the writer's sexual orientation barred him from commenting on heterosexual relationships.

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And Denise just kept on digging herself down into this horrible, homophobic hole...

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Uhm? Denise? Yeah, hi. Honey, could you do us all a favor? Yeah? Cool. Shut the hell up.

But, of course, Denise wasn't up for calling it a day. After her sexist, homophobic side was well and truly outed she went on to play the victim...


Apparently, Denise is just a defender of 'masculinity', that thing that, last time I checked, needed absolutely no defense whatsoever...

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Denise cracks on with some excellent grammar; she has 'defensed' masculinity apparently!

It was the previous tweet that reportedly got her fired from two gigs. The Daily Wire told her she was "no longer welcome" to write for the publication and the publisher of The Federalist (the publisher Denise worked for) tweeted that McAllister would not be writing for them anymore.

Denise concluded;

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for being gay. There's a difference. That 

Clearly what started out as an idiotic tweet spiraled WAY out of control. Whilst Denise has the right to behave in whatever weird way she wants to in her marriage (though we can't see the appeal of living in the past but anyway...) it's not cool that she tried to sell it off as a kind of example to all women. It's promoting unhealthy ideas about relationships and gender roles, sensitive issues that were bound to be met with strong opinions.

Are you a fan of shutting up, fetching beers and being called 'woman'? Let us know about the kisses you're "rewarded" with for your silence and servitude! Is McAllister living in the past or should we be getting with the programme and tottering off to attend to our partners every whim? Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below!