Woman Finally Finds A Surgeon Willing To Give Her A Third Boob


Back in 2014 Jasmine Tridevil took the internet by storm when she fooled everyone (well, a lot of bedroom-bound teenagers) into thinking that her prosthetic third boob was real; but, now she wants to raise money to have a third breast implanted into her chest.

(Source: YouTube via LB)

Jasmine makes videos for YouTube that are... look, you can probably imagine what sort of thing a woman whose channel is based around have a third breast posts videos about, and you'd be pretty close with that assertion.

However, her recent videos have included decidedly less latex, women and belts as they have been more focussed on Jasmine sorting out the logistics of getting a 'real' third breast implanted, as she's just gosh darn sick of having her prosthetic boob looked after! I think we can all relate to that problem sister! 

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Now, like most people, you may be wondering (among many things) why someone would want to have a fake third breast attached!

Well, according to Jasmine, whose real name is Alisha Hessler, it all started as a 'joke'.

In her video she goes on to say:

'During that period, I was living with a prosthetic, and during that time would sleep with it on, to prevent my friends and family from discovering that it was fake.'

So, you're family... the people who've been with you, more than likely since before 2014, had no idea that you had a third breast? Sounds freakin' legit.

Jasmine went on to say that she has 'grown to adore the fantasy of having this body type', finding it 'strangely seductive' and 'truly beautiful'.

However, plastic surgery isn't cheap, and finding someone to do this sort of thing wasn't easy. 

Jasmine contacted hundreds of surgeons before she found one mad enough to do it for her! She has kept his name and identity secret which, if I were him, I'd be very happy about for the sake of my medical integrity!

(Source: YouTube via LB)

Sadly for her, Jasmine says in her video that her sponsor (I don't want to think about what that entails either) will not fund the surgery as it's too expensive, costing a whopping $50, 000.

In lieu of her definitely not-seedy sponsor, Jasmine has turned to GoFundMe, in order to raise $70, 000 for the surgery. 

(The extra $20, 000 is to cover medical costs for if the procedure is botched and she needs reconstruction and rehabilitation etc.)

Now it might just be me, but I can think of a lot of better things to do with $70, 000 than have a third boob jammed in the middle of my chest!

(Source: GoFundMe)

Her GoFundMe page, which heck I'll link for you at the bottom, has raised a staggering $670 in 1 day (at the time of writing, and I sadly expect that number to rise). 

One of the four donators, justified the contribution as such:

'This is just too exciting to miss out on. Hoping for a successful surgery.'

Back in 2014 Jasmine's third boob claims were debunked by a man with a thermal imaging camera showing no blood was in the boob...

Look, as funny as this is, freakin' give your money to something more worthwhile!

When she initially rose to fame, Jasmine's story was scrutinized surprisingly vigorously, and with completely over the top technology (pictured below). 

(Source: Daily Mail)

At the end of the day, as funny as this is, it sums up the freakin' insanity that exists on the internet! Also, how would does this procedure even work? In fact, actually, I don't want to know! 

If you want to follow Jasmine's completely worthwhile fundraising, then here's the link to her GoFundMe page. Check it out by all means, but please give your money to a better charity, for the sake of the internet... wholesomeness really needs a win right now!

What do you make of this story? Do you think that the third breast implant is the look for you? Let me know in the comments below, please, I really need to know what other people make of this freakin' insanity! AAx