Women Strip Down To Underwear And Protest Outside Victoria Secrets London

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This week, A group of incredibly brave female protesters staged a demonstration outside the popular Victoria’s Secret store on Oxford Circus, London.

"fashion has failed us!" over and over again. Pretty amazing right!? In fact, another woman was carrying a placard reading 'we want fashion diversity for all brands', while another sign used the hashtag 'fallen angels'....

The protest happened mere days after the annual Victoria Secrets fashion show, which took place in New York earlier this week. And if you've been keeping up with underwear-related news, you'll know that the show had already stirred up some controversy after Ed Razek, VS's chief marketing officer, dismissed the people's calls for more inclusive models, such as trans and plus-sized models.... of course, he later issued an "apology" for his remarks.

"As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusivity, especially not one motivated by stereotype."

Videos which were posted on social media show the women getting changed into their underwear inside the store, before then marching with ride and ferocity through the shop itself.

Posting on Instagram, they wrote:




While Love Disfigure, the second party campaign group who were also behind the protest, wrote:



And here's what Ed Razek responded with after being questioned about the diversity on the Victoria Secret's catwalk; 

However, as mentioned before, Razek did later apologize for his remarks, saying:



She wrote:


Unsurprisingly, the latest Victoria's Secret show hit it's lowest viewing figures ever this year, at 3.27 million, which is it's smallest since the show began way back in 2001.

Look out Victoria's Secrets. Women of the world are getting more WOKE, and they're coming for you and your undiverse underwear shows!





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