You Can Buy A Onesie For Your Dog To Stop Shedding And Reduce Their Anxiety

You Can Buy A Onesie For Your Dog To Stop Shedding And Reduce Their Anxiety

You Can Buy A Onesie For Your Dog To Stop Shedding And Reduce Their Anxiety

You Can Now Buy A Onesie For Your Dog And It’s Dividing The Internet

Frankly, what kind of person wouldn’t want a canine companion to care for? Although, let’s be honest, they mostly care for us.

Friendship, exercise, fun and lotsa, lotsa cuddles, there are definitely far more pros to having a dog than a husband… and significantly less cons.

But as with anything, there are a few – and I stress FEW – negatives of having a pet pooch.

For certain breeds, dogs shedding their hair can cause an endless headache, turning what used to be a spotless house (I promise it was) into a fur-filled phenomenon.

If only there was something that could stop our adorable dogs from losing their pesky fur.

Luckily, the internet is a place where, if you’ve thought it, you can pretty much guess that someone else has whipped it into existence.

Let me introduce to you, the Shed Defender…

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

Promising to solve the whole shedding issue, it’s the Shed Defender to the rescue as the company have pretty much made a onesie for your dog.

As per the description:

“The patent pending Shed Defender is a onesie that contains the dog’s hair within the suit to reduce the shedding, perfect for in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want to leave a trail of hair!”

And with the pesky pooch problem being solved, your dog can return to being the cutest damn thing in the world.

But as weird as it looks, the doggie onesie has a whole host of other positives!

As you can see, the onesie seems to come in ‘snug fit’.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

While ‘snug fit’ might be a tad unflattering on us, that gentle pressure can actually have a calming effect on the pup.

The tightness makes the pooch feel like it’s being cuddled and so reduces their anxiety.

And if knowing that dogs feel anxious doesn’t hurt your heart then just what kind of monster are you?

The Shed Defender can also be a perfect replacement for the dreaded nightmare that is the medical cone.

After all, nothing makes a pup look sadder than that infuriating circle of plastic.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

As an alternative, the onesie can cover post-surgical areas to stop our canine friends from biting and scratching the affected area.

It can also supposedly help to protect from ticks in the summer, giving dogs more freedom to run around and let off some energy.

It can also prevent the absolute heartbreak you feel when your dog comes running back to you covered in mud. Finally you can just zip them out of their onesie rather than cleaning the car AGAIN. Pesky pups.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

And if you’re one of those who enjoy the little and large dog combos, you’ll be happy to hear that the onesie is available in a range of sizes for all breeds. Just so your Pug and your German Shepherd can match.

But just what are people who have tried the product saying?

One user commented:

“I absolutely love this product. It fit my pug perfectly. He has allergies and I use it to prevent him from chewing on his lower legs and the inside of his thighs. It’s the only bodysuit that covers his complete body.”

And if you’re wondering about your dogs needs, then yes the onesie definitely does not restrict your dog from going to the bathroom.

Another said:

“Expensive, but well thought out pattern, but well worth it for health reasons when cones and donuts don’t work”

But as you can imagine, opinions on the internet are far from unanimous.

(Image credit: Bored Panda)

Whilst it’s a great idea in theory, some who tried the product were less than impressed.

“Great idea! Terrible quality! Ordered the extra large for my 125 pound mastiff. It fit well but the zipper broke in the first day. Can’t put a cheap plastic zipper on an item for dogs and expect it to last.”

Perhaps the most heartbreakingly…

“My dog absolutely hates it. She looks miserable and anytime she goes from laying down to up her back legs come out of the leggings and she can’t walk so then she cries.”

Well it seems that the primary function of the product to reduce shedding is pretty much a guarantee. Your pooch being happy about the whole thing, on the other hand, is definitely not.

Obviously we’d do anything to keep our dogs happy so is this the answer?

What do you think?