There are many people who believe that whatever happens on television is actually based on true events. However, that is certainly not true. Even the shows that are portrayed as “based on true events” actually have some details changed. These changes are often made to increase the ratings of the show or just omit extremely disturbing details that would not play well with an audience. Let’s have a look at how fabricated the reality shows that we see on television really are.

Duck Dynasty

The Robertson family, who live in Louisiana, rose to fame as a result of their duck-hunting business. Almost everyone in the cast is related to each other by blood or marriage. It turns out, however, that the producers enjoy adding ‘dramatic’ components to make things more fascinating. Furthermore, it is claimed that the production team enjoys adding “bleeps” even when no one is actually cursing.

South Beach Tow

The show’s antics are incredible, and we cannot dispute that. Bernice has done everything from removing automobile doors by the hinges with her hands to miraculously surviving a massive fall and instantly apprehending a rogue truck. There’s no denying that it’s a hoax, but it’s still a lot of fun!

Undercover Boss

Did you like the idea of workers finally getting the credit they deserve? In this episode, executives from various firms infiltrate their workplaces to assess how well their employees are performing while on the clock. This, of course, provides them with some insight into how to run the company. This so-called reality television is, in fact, staged. More significantly, they do not follow through on the commitments they make to various employees. Yikes.

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is a documentary about the Gold family and their family-run pawn shop in Detroit’s dangerous 8 Mile neighborhood. Can you believe how many unusual people walk past their shop on a regular basis? Many of the reasons presented on the broadcast appear to be just too ridiculous, don’t they? They are, in fact, the case. The ‘fights’ were staged, according to many of the participants who featured on the show. What are the chances that Ashley, Les, and Seth will engage in a fight with a customer in every episode? Make the calculations.

Project Runway

It is not true that just because a show is popular does not mean it is not “fake.” Many contestants, notably Daniel Esquivel and Jack Mackenroth, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the judging aspect of the game. Esquivel has spoken out in particular about how the show’s creators allegedly customized it to sensationalize the participants to an extraordinary level.

Ghost Hunters

This show has gained a lot of popularity in the previous several years. Since its debut, it has also inspired a number of spin-off shows. Despite this, many individuals have accused it of being scripted. This was corroborated in an interview conducted by the former case manager Donna Lacroix.

The Jerry Springer Show

As a result, we doubt that this comes as a complete shock to most people. One of the most outrageous TV shows in history, this is without a doubt. Please be aware, if you haven’t already, that the guests and plots are not entirely accurate. In addition, this applies to the production crew that energizes the crowd.

Fixer Upper

Homeowners on this show, like those on other shows, have already purchased the home before filming can begin. This indicates that they are not really making a decision based on the three properties shown at the start of the show. Joanna Gaines’ carefully arranged décor and furniture are not included in the budget, so the owners will only keep them if they are ready to pay for them. And not every room is remodeled. Unverified reports indicate that Chip only works on the house when cameras are filming.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Yes, this show is well-known. the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty. It premiered in 2007 on E! It included a large cast and covered many of their life milestones. Because of this, it is not surprising that certain pictures have to be reshot and edited in order to create a consistent viewing experience and a coherent timeline. At least two scenes involving Kris Humphries were scripted or reshot, according to court records filed in the divorce case between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Likewise, the famous family places a great deal of reliance on the editing process.

Storage Wars

When David Hester disclosed that the show is written after he was fired, the world was shocked. He added that the goods they uncover in the storage lockers have been staged before they are discovered. As a last note, many of the auctions aren’t even real. He claims that the interviews with the cast members are also staged!

Jersey Shore

This show debuted in 2009. A true picture of their life may not be possible even if the stars are actually pals. Most of what transpired on the show was pre-planned, according to several locals and extras who were on set. The walkabouts were rehearsed, according to an attorney who lives across the street from them. Also, sequences are claimed to be re-shot from different viewpoints. They do, in fact, have a perfect conversation and facial expressions.

Say Yes To The Dress

Kleinfeld in New York is the setting for this popular bridal reality TV show, which portrays brides-to-be on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown. The truth, however, is that the producers screen the guests who attend the bride’s appointment beforehand. They ask those who are outspoken to emphasize or repeat a point in order to create drama in the proceedings. In addition, the boutique is much smaller than you may assume. Many visitors are startled to experience this for themselves.

Cupcake Wars

Beginning with four bakers from different locations in the United States, the show has four contestants. There are three rounds of cupcake making in which the candidates compete for a chance to be featured in an event that has a showcase of 1,000 cupcakes. In the first round, contestants are usually required to use ingredients that are not commonly found in cupcakes. The contestants may already know what items they’ll need, according to speculations.

Naked And Afraid

They strip them naked and shoot them as they try to live off the earth in this survival show that takes place in strange locations. The truth isn’t what it seems, according to a number of candidates. According to reports, the weird journey is elaborately manufactured. Other conveniences that they would not find in the wild are provided by the production team. Tampons, vitamins, and prescription medication are among the items on the list. We all realized it was a scam.

Basketball Wives

The focus of reality TV show focuses on the lives of women who are married to prominent basketball players. Not all of them, however, have been thrilled with their participation in this show. Former cast member Matt Barnes has spoken about how contrived and staged the entire program is. “The producers pushed them against each other and created drama,” Tanya Young remarked.

Cake Boss

In little time, this show became a smash hit. The team, led by business owner Buddy Valastro, created beautiful and detailed cake designs for us to admire. The truth, though, is that things aren’t quite as dramatic as they appear. For one reason, Valastro rarely visits the business unless they are filming something. Furthermore, some of the celebrations and weddings are acted out.

Long Island Medium

Because of her work as a medium, Theresa Caputo has gained a reputation for connecting people with the dead. When it comes to the show, there is ample cause to be wary. According to the scandal, Caputo was granted access to customer and audience information. Questions, background checks, and social media profiles are used by producers to learn more about them before presenting them on stage.

Britain’s Got Talent

Like its American cousin, the British version of this show is quite identical to the American version as well. As you might imagine, it’s a pretty diverse talent contest that exhibits just about everything. There are magicians, dancers, and acrobats to choose from. Everyone in the audience was brought to their knees by one dog. The winning dog performance in 2005 was “Jules and Matisse.” In actuality, it was rigged! The actual Matisse was too scared for the high-wire stunt, so the producers substituted a dog who looked like him.

Love Island

It’s the perfect show for Survivor and Bachelor fans. For the uninitiated, the show assembles singles for a tropical island summer! As a result of promises of money, romance, and the chance to win, the contestants are encouraged to pair up. As Reddit points out, it’s a hoax. Every moment in the show is written, from the arguments to the intimate scenes. For the final cut, the producers are reported to look over all the takes and choose the most “realistic” one.

The Hills

On a regular basis, there’s backstabbing, teenage anxiety, and romantic instability. The thing is, the show is scripted to the max. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were requested to shoot a sequence fifteen times, according to Pratt. He was outraged when she felt she was “pregnant.” In the past, the show’s producers have revealed that they cast a number of characters, including Lauren’s best buddy at work.

Last Comic Standing

Back in the day, this show was all about discovering undiscovered talent and offering them exposure or cash awards for competing. However, producers actually influenced voting, something that was unknown to judges and candidates. Everyone was furious when the winner was announced. In addition, it is believed that the show edits good performances in order to make them look terrible.

The Apprentice

This reality program has a reputation for bringing Donald Trump back into the limelight. Several celebrities and businessmen were asked to interview for a position at the company of the future president. Evidently, the firing portion was inserted and staged for dramatic effect. Prior to filming, contestants were aware that they were being “fired.” There was no genuine award for the winner, other than bragging rights.

Breaking Amish

It’s a shame that Breaking Amish wasn’t as real as they made it seem to be. It was reported by Jezebel that the Amish characters in the show had defected years ago. If you believed them when they said they were leaving the neighborhood for the “first time,” you may be surprised to hear this.

Restaurant Stakeout

Restaurateur Willie Degel installs cameras at a restaurant that isn’t doing well. In order to determine what the problem is, he takes certain steps. Staff who aren’t completing their tasks well, if at all, are targeted. He then confronts them and, if necessary, terminates their employment. It is almost entirely a hoax. When contacted by Food Network, the first-season restaurant owner confessed that his employees had been screened before the show was shot. Customers were also urged to behave in an obnoxious manner.

Dance Moms

Thought the drama and fights on Dance Moms were staged? If this is the case, then you are correct in your assessment. According to Maddie Ziegler, who spoke to USA Today in 2015, some of the show’s dramatic events are not real. “It’s impossible to do a reality program when there’s so much sobbing and drama,” the young girl explained. Apparently, the producers wanted us to yell at each other. Sometimes, the moms have a fictitious disagreement. Everyone just starts discussing and laughing about it after that.

Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay, a fiery and foul-mouthed celebrity chef, hosts this popular cookery show. We’ll concede that it’s a lot of fun, but keep in mind that it’s a script. It was uncovered that the customers who actually ate the meals were paid actors who posed as the actual customers.

Toddlers And Tiaras

When we catch a few minutes of this show, we find ourselves wince-inducing. There are folks that adore it for some reason. Ranker has alleged that much of the show is staged, just like the other shows on the list. In order to make the show more fascinating, the stars are urged to rephrase what they say and create drama.


Teams of candidates are split up and taken to the woods, where they must live off the earth and take part in competitions. Unfortunately, many of the competitions and challenges are nothing more than a sham. For certain difficulties, producers revealed that they had to employ body duplicates. In addition, they had to reenact a large amount of material. An ex-contestant on the show, Stacey Stillman, has claimed that her eviction from the competition was rigged.

American Idol

This incredibly popular TV show premiered in 2001 and has been very successful ever since. Its principle is rather straightforward, too. To find the American Idol, producers organized singing auditions across the country. There is no hope for the majority of the millions of aspirants. Apparently, scouts have already been dispatched to find the best vocalists before auditions have even taken place. That it was all a charade makes me sad.


Maximum Power and Nev try to solve the mystery of “who’s behind these profiles.” Catfishing may seem absurd to you, yet it is a common practice. Despite this, everything you see on television is not necessarily true. In fact, the application process is the opposite way around from what you might think – catfish have to apply to be on the show in order to be featured.

The Voice

Some competitors have complained that this show is not fair at all. According to a Facebook post by Adam Wiener, the show tried to court him, but he declined. It was said that the competition was pre-cast and that the producers selected the specific songs and styles of music to be played by the competitors. His findings drew attention and prompted others to wonder how real the show really is based on his statements.

Property Brothers

Undoubtedly, this will break a few hearts. Drew and Jonathan Scott, Canadian brothers, work together to help a couple discover their dream house on the show. Two aspects have since been found to be bogus! For starters, they don’t renovate the entire property, but rather only a few rooms that they hand-pick. As a next step, the show reshoots scenes to give them more “drama” for the audience’s viewing enjoyment. Their last option is a renovation project since the brothers often show them homes that are simply beyond their budget.

Pawn Stars

You won’t believe it, but this History Channel broadcast is almost entirely manufactured. The Harrison family may be the owners of the real store in question. Since then, however, it has become more of a tourist attraction than a legitimate retail establishment. Due to Nevada’s privacy rules, the stars no longer work there during regular business hours. Apart from that, they have already agreed on a price point with the sellers, and they have also done extensive research on many of the products they would be purchasing.

The Real Housewives

A lot of people had speculated that this show was scripted, but it wasn’t until Theresa Guidice of Real Housewives of New Jersey declared so under oath that we were certain it was true. Producing companies have scheduled the meetings with the ladies in advance of the actual meetings. Similarly, you can say the same thing about the massive disagreements that they have with one another.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

The truth is that a lot of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is planned in advance. Rumors abound that celebs have been fed lines. Similarly, producers coax out the dramatic actors and then force them into arguments so that they can choose their finalists in advance of the Rose Ceremony, the casting process is carefully thought out and meticulously carried out.

The Biggest Loser

According to a new report, the fancy equipment used to illustrate how much weight each contender has dropped is all phony. They are weighed and measured two days in advance. People have also questioned the credibility of the medical specialists on the show on numerous occasions. The assertion was made by some that they were not qualified to distribute medications. Also, the candidates are portrayed as being lazier and more lethargic than they actually are.

The Simple Life

As Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie took on mundane jobs in small communities across the United States while residing with local families, fans couldn’t get enough of them. Paris Hilton later claimed that producers had them play the parts of the ditzy blonde and the troublemaker in the show. It was funny to Paris to play the airhead with a baby voice, she said. Although she had used this character voice on the show for five years, the actress admitted that she would often go back to it.

House Hunters

House Hunters, one of HGTV’s biggest hits, turns proven to be another false reality show. They’ve already decided on the house they’re going to buy before appearing on the show. It has been reported that several contestants have already acquired the home they are showcasing on the show. To top it all off, it has been said that the show’s proprietors are sometimes played by younger actors.

What Not To Wear

In reality, the show isn’t as entertaining as it’s portrayed to be. To renovate their wardrobe, each participant receives $5,000. But there is a couple of catches: the producers must donate all of the participants’ clothes to charity before the event may go place. Participants are also required to pay VAT on any things purchased. It doesn’t end there. The show does not pay for the tailoring of the contestants’ outfits.

Pimp My Ride

It was one of MTV’s top reality shows when it aired. He would show up at people’s front doors and take their old cars, giving them a complete makeover before returning them to their owners.” In the end, it turned out that the car makeovers were purely cosmetic and were only done for the cameras. An audience member revealed that their automobile hardly ran when they received it back. Also, it could take up to six months for these cars to be repaired or maintained.


Cribs was another MTV show that was successful. While spectators ogled at their extravagant lifestyles over the screen, celebrities would showcase their extravagant mansions in this show.” During its 13-year existence, the show included a number of well-known celebrities. When a woman sued MTV for portraying her rented house as rapper Ja Rules’ crib, the channel was exposed.

90 Day Fiance

Right off the outset, 90 Day Fiance has a lot of flaws. K-1 visas are used to allow one member of each pair to immigrate to the United States. However, the pair must get married within 90 days of this day. Tourist visas expire before they may enter. Producers stir up the drama to gain stronger reactions for their show by causing tension between the couples. In many cases, participants are asked to do or say certain things.

Divorce Court

What could be more dramatic than a divorce and marital problems? While hearing both sides of a narrative, the divorce court seeks a conclusion. But someone has disclosed that the show is a total fabrication. When asked about the show’s casting, they revealed their daughter and her boyfriend were both recruited for it. To make matters worse, the producers had given them a false history to fabricate on the show.

The Osbournes

The Osbournes were a household name before the Kardashians. There are four people in the picture: Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack Everyone on the show was not afraid to swear. A strange but loving family dynamic captivated many. Antics that seemed so real made them giggle. Everything was a scripted production, and none of it was real. The family was allegedly told what would happen in every episode by the producers.

Teen Mom

Teen Mom was no exception. Following the young moms, after they gave delivery, the show was a natural follow-up to 16 and Pregnant Many of the arrests, controversy, and breakups were real. According to rumors, however, the producers would edit discussions to make them appear more dramatic than they actually are.

Beauty and the Geek

To participate in couples’ tasks, this reality show intended to pair gorgeous women with nerdy male competitors. Socially awkward and unable to converse with women, the nerds on the show were not accurate representations of actual life. One of the guys on the show had a girlfriend back home, it turned out. Some participants were also alleged to have been played by actors.

I Am Cait

As Caitlyn Jenner underwent her gender change, her trials and hardships were documented on the show. Jenner’s transition was well-documented in the first season of the show, so there wasn’t much to show in the second. They began creating fake circumstances for Caitlyn as a result.

Famously Single

Single celebs are paired up with diverse people in this E! Network reality show. The stars live together while attending therapy sessions and reminisce about their love lives. These celebrities, on the other hand, aren’t the best performers, and it’s evident that many of the circumstances are made up. Of course, different celebrities and people from their past are brought into the event in order to stir up a little controversy.

Total Bellas

It’s only logical that a reality program based on the Bella Twins would be less than authentic, given that WWE was a sham. Nikki and Brie were followed along with their partners, John Cena and Daniel Bryan, in this series. In the show, producers set up a number of situations, and Nikki’s relationship with John Cena was heightened for the cameras.


A famous E! show, WAGS follows the lives of sports players’ wives. The makers of the show relied heavily on fabricated storylines to keep viewers interested. These women were created using a combination of real-life events and invented talks and competitiveness. They even brought in women who weren’t dating sports stars just to spice things up.

Wife Swap

This show was also a big hit with audiences. During its nine-year existence, it was extremely popular. As wives moved into new families and replaced old norms with new ones, drama and tension erupted on the show. It was then revealed that the producers had asked the candidates to act in a certain way. Furthermore, the manuals were written by the producers! The fact that the clips were modified to fit the narrative they wanted to present for the families comes as no surprise. One of the contestants was not even with the competitor with whom he was placed on the show.

Big Brother

How could you possible be unfamiliar with this show? The plot revolves around a bunch of strangers who reside in a same house and face numerous obstacles. Every week, one of them is voted off by the audience. Their personality and attitude frequently influence their decision. In reality, the production staff prefers some contestants and will even manipulate footage to suit their needs. Even though CBS claims it is authentic, many people believe it is staged and manufactured in multiple ways.

Dancing With The Stars

This show had an average of 8.5 million viewers per season. But, aside from the dancing, is anything on the show true? There are celebrities who have a significant edge due to their artistic backgrounds. Another participant mentioned that the show is more about personality than skills. In addition, Wendy Williams was axed from the season’s second episode. Because she refused to follow the producers’ script, she ended up in this situation. There are also rumors of sham voting!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

This has to be one of the most watched reality series on television right now. The show’s drag queens always dazzle us with their lip-synching abilities and celebrity impersonations. The waistlines and contours aren’t the only things that create illusions, despite how fierce they are. One participant revealed that the producers use out-of-context soundbites to create false narratives.


Marriage isn’t anything to giggle about. Despite the fact that it is a significant new chapter in one’s life, the girls on the show tend to go overboard. In most cases, the bride appears to be a demanding and spoilt princess. They seem to turn into bridezillas at the tiniest of annoyances. The way the brides were handled on the show did not please all of them. One of the participants claimed she was duped into thinking she was going to be a part of a documentary called Manhattan Brides. A different bride, on the other hand, acknowledged that this happened to her as well and filed a lawsuit against the show for deception.


Another popular reality TV show about food competitions has aired! It purportedly allows home chefs to audition and compete for the MasterChef championship, which comes with a prize pool of $250,000. Despite the fact that this appears to be a good deal, a former contestant claims that the competition is rigged. Participants are allegedly forced to agree to potentially embarrassing and fictitious portrayals of themselves, according to this person. Aside from that, they stated that the editors enjoyed combining lines of conversation to make up for events that did not occur.

Family Game Night

Did you realize that the show’s responses are pre-determined? “I was on Family Game Night in California after being on the right street at the right time. There are some cards that you should avoid picking because they have no meaning. When it’s time to choose a game, they give you about six options. They tell you there are just two set up and ready to go when, in fact, there are only two. All of the solutions and games have been planned ahead of time. “The majority of the time, the family has already taken the vacation they won so they can show a picture of them in their destination the following week,” a prior participant explained.

Let’s Make a Deal

Let’s Make A Deal candidates are not chosen at random. The producers select the strangest people from the audience! They instruct the audience to be wacky, exciting, and wild. The producers then ask them a series of ‘interview’ questions before allowing them to enter the set. In actuality, this is how they choose who will be chosen for each contract.

Love It or List It

When it comes to listings, you should not put your faith in the results. The truth is that each episode has two possible outcomes. The first is a “list it” result, while the second is a “love it” result. Like every other participant, a couple on the show recorded the two endings. They lived in the house and enjoyed it, but viewers of the show will believe they sold it! The show is unconcerned about the actual outcome.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Sorry, but this show turns out to be just as false as the rest of the real estate shows. Have you ever noticed how fussy the spouses are when it comes to their homes? There is a reason for this, it turns out. They’ve already purchased a property before they’re even filmed. This is why they have to walk through the dummy houses and make up absurd excuses to shoot them down. All of this is done in accordance with the show’s format. On the broadcast, a realtor even stated that the clients must either be first-time homebuyers or have a contract on a home.

Mountain Men

The phrase that comes to mind while describing this History Channel show is “exaggerated.” The show’s stars have stated that the tough personas are solely for the cameras. Furthermore, they actually have more money than they claim to have. In top of that, many of the dangerous events depicted on the show are merely staged reenactments.

Designed to Sell

On a real estate show, what are you meant to do if the guest isn’t planning on selling the house for another year or longer? HGTV has it figured out. The network would host an open house and ask numerous friends and family members to act as possible buyers for the show. It’s strange to learn that this is how the show actually works. The producers also shoot a few possible endings for various circumstances. Furthermore, the repairs were done so shoddily that they had to hide it with the use of cameras.

American Pickers

The name of the game is haggling! Unfortunately, there is nothing genuine because the prices have already been set. We frequently come upon dilapidated establishments that provide a variety of incredible bargains. The producers, it turns out, had personnel inspect the locations about a month before the actual filming. Furthermore, Jack Sophir, sometimes known as “Hobo Jack,” is not a true hobo. He is a successful collector with a number of structures to his credit. On the show, he is only referred to by this moniker.

Deadliest Catch

It’s bad enough that the show is a hoax, but it’s much worse that it causes further problems for fishermen! You’re undoubtedly curious as to how. The TV fishing crews are paid by the producers, thus they are not required to meet fishing quotas. This is why they have an advantage over their competitors in terms of price. The show’s existence has made things difficult in the industry! Furthermore, the show mainly relies on editing to heighten the intensity of the storylines.

Ice Road Truckers

A truck fell through the ice and into frigid water in the first season’s opening cinematic. The entire scenario was created entirely with small models! Even if this is horrible enough on its own, cast members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the show’s scripting. It’s also been modified to make ordinary individuals appear like heroes or villains. Aside from the usual reality TV phoniness, the producers go to great efforts to make things appear even riskier than they are in real life.

Mystery Diners

The show’s idea is that a restaurant owner contacts the show’s host, Charles Stiles. He then sets up a covert operation to apprehend disobedient staff in the act. People who have worked in these businesses, on the other hand, claim that it was all a hoax. They even claim that the terrible employees are just paid extras. The real staff must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to keep silent about it.

Southern Charm

The Bravo reality show succeeds by drenching viewers in “charm.” However, it more closely resembles a Real Housewives show than anything else on television. After all, it follows the same format of following affluent individuals. As a result, we’re not astonished to learn that it’s not true. According to some claims, the show’s initial couple did not even live in Charleston as they stated. Furthermore, the clips have been heavily manipulated to add to the drama.


This Food Network show is a success among viewers! In a cook-off, chefs must compete against one another. They are given a list of ingredients with which to prepare supper courses for the judges. They are removed one by one until just one remains. While the timed tasks are realistic, the presentation isn’t exactly as authentic as it appears. To raise the tension among the participants, the producers would artificially shorten popular ingredients on the show at start. They continue to cut corners even when they no longer do so. Chefs are given a lot of time to look through the pantry and come up with ideas for food. The best dish isn’t always chosen as the winner, and the worst dish isn’t always eliminated. Occasionally, they declare the winner to be the individual who has the finest story.

Geordie Shore

This is also known as the British version of Jersey Shore, and it is just as false as the American version. It might even outperform the original! When MTV released a new trailer for a new episode, it made a mistake. The show shot Marnie celebrating her 26th birthday two months prior to her actual birthday, at which point they released the footage in a trailer. Fans on social media were perplexed. “It’s because [sic] it’s fake and scripted,” Marnie tweeted in response. She did, however, delete it soon after.

Made in Chelsea

Another British show has been added to the schedule! The folks that live in this wealthy neighborhood of London are the focus of Made in Chelsea. The teenagers in the show are always involved in some sort of drama. The majority of these examples, however, are false! Producers wrote texts and staged numerous scenes, according to certain celebrities. They would get a call first thing in the morning, according to a former star. It was frequently accompanied by directions on what to do, where to go, and how to behave!