Your Heart Will Melt When You See These 20 Cats And Dogs Who Are Best Friends Forever


1.) Spooning buddies

These two are just so cute! That cat definitely will need some extra cuddles, it must get pretty cold having absolutely no fur. Her pup friend doesn't care though, friendship holds no judgements!

2.) Three best friends

These three all cuddled up in bed together are the most wholesome group of friends EVER. The cats look almost protective over the dog and the dog's eyes are stunning! I want to be a part of their cool crew.

3.) Her latest accessory

In the doggy world, the latest fashion is to steal your owner's kitten to wear it as a hat on your head. I personally think that it's a great look and the kitten seems to be loving it!

4.) Friends who nap together will be best friends forever

These two share the best naptimes together and they both look so fluffy that it must be the cosiest naptime ever! I wish my friends wouldn't think that it was weird when I try to nap like this...

5.) A cone makes a good home

Every pet hates having the cone of shame put on them by the vet. However, this cat has found that this is the best sleeping spot, sheltered from the sun with the warm fuzzy pillow of a dog's head!

6.) I'll be your eyes

This adorable little kitty helps guide her blind friend around. This is a sign of true best friends and is the cutest thing ever!

7.) A pile of cute

These two best friends are exactly the same size and can stack on top of each other in the cutest little pile like two pillows. I wish me and my friends looked this cute in pictures!

8.) Just watching some TV

This cat and dog are best friends and enjoy nothing more than just chilling on the couch watching TV together. The dog blends in so well that he is almost invisible, he probably hides there when his owner tries to take him out for a walk...

9.) Best bed ever!

Okay, I am super jealous of this cat's friendship because her friend makes the comfiest bed ever! It's so adorable how tiny she is in comparison to her best friend, at least she has someone that will definitely look out for her.

10.) Sleepy best friends

This pair looks so sleepy, it's making me tired just looking at them! They seem really comfortable with one another and like best friends if only all dogs and cats could get on this well...

11.) Sharing a friendly head bop moment

These two are showing their affection through a friendly head bop and it is the cutest thing ever. The dog is so gentle with the tiny cat too! My cold heart has officially melted.

12.) Best friends even in sickness

Sadly, this cat's doggy best friend has terminal cancer and so won't be around much longer. The cat is always there for a comforting cuddle and this is probably the sweetest, saddest thing you'll hear all week.

13.) Rescue kitten to the rescue!

This adorable dog recently lost his friend when he passed away. His owner's bought a rescue kitten to keep him company and now they are best friends!

14.) Being patient together

These pals are incredibly patient at waiting for treats with one another. I'm not sure the cat needs quite as much self-control and her dog pal does, they are dog treats after all!

15.) Best friends always have each other's backs!

I find it way too adorable how protective this dog is of his best cat friend, it's too cute! These two will definitely always have each other's backs and I can see why they are clearly best friends!

16.) Rather sleep than explore

Even when out in the big wide world, these two still prefer just hanging out in each other's company. I am super jealous! That dog looks like a really comfy pillow...

17.) The best guard dog

These two are probably the cutest pair that I've seen so far! They are just so adorable together and I can truly understand why the cat loves the dog so much, he guards while she can play to her heart's content.

18.) So much love in one picture

You can just see how chilled out and happy these two are in each other's company. They don't mind posing for a picture either! Honestly, this is friendship goals right here.

19.) Ultimate spooning partner

This looks like the comfiest spoon ever and I would be lying if I didn't say that I am a little bit jealous. Although, I don't think the cat will be too impressed when this puppy grows to his full size!

20.) Same expression

This pair have mastered the art of having the exact same expression and it's pretty impressive! They both look equally done with whoever is taking the picture. Don't you just hate it when your pets gang up on you?!

I don't know about you but my perception on whether cats and dogs can be friends has completely changed. My goal is to own a cat and a dog that are best friends!

Do you own both a cat and a dog? Do they get on? Let us know in the comments!