Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Your Soulmate’s Zodiac Sign

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In ancient times, sailors looked into the brilliant night sky to find constellations - groups of stars that would bring them home. On land, soothsayers sought solace in far-off pinpricks of light, to read omens and determine their future. Long has humanity understood that true knowledge is not to be found within ourselves, but within the slow revolution of the universe, stars rising and falling around us, our infinitesimally small lives validated by the function of life.

So, too, the stars can reveal your romantic destiny. Using key astrological principles, we've delivered a set of queries that will reveal the zodiac sign of your soulmate. With this knowledge in your possession, you'll know whether to pursue a lost love or abandon something that isn't working - and was never destined to work.

After all, finding true love can be tricky, and dating in this day and age can be a minefield. From bad habits to blatant disinterest, it sometimes seems as though you just can't get a break. If you spend your days dreaming of the ideal life partner that has yet to make themselves known, you'll understand that the struggle is real.

Be warned - our questions are not simply about your desired partner. These will unlock secrets within yourself and perhaps reveal your greatest regrets. Over the course of this quiz, you will confront your deepest wishes - some, perhaps, you never even knew you wanted. This is integral to delivering a correct result. Without absolute honesty, we cannot guarantee accuracy. Search your soul and deliver us the information we require to read your portents.

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