Zookeepers Capture The Moment These Adorable Penguins Met Their Lego Counterpart

Zookeepers Capture The Moment These Adorable Penguins Met Their Lego Counterpart

Zookeepers Capture The Moment These Adorable Penguins Met Their Lego Counterpart

    Zookeepers at Edinburgh zoo were lucky enough to be able to capture the painfully adorable moment that some of their penguins got the chance to look in a lego mirror!

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    Edinburgh Zoo is extremely proud of its penguins, so much so that it even has a 24 hour camera feed where you can see what the pesky little penguins are getting up to all day! So you can probably imagine how excited the zookeepers were to introduce their little friends to their lego doppelgänger.

    The penguins were a little uneasy at first, but one brave member of the flock eventually plodded over for a closer inspection of its lego family.

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    The photos show the adorable little rockhopper penguins meeting their larger self and being quite bemused by its presence!

    As someone who firmly believes that penguins are some of, if not, the greatest animals on the planet, the idea that there is someone out there who’s job it is is to introduce penguins to Lego versions of themselves makes me question all of my life choices up to this point.

    The Lego rockhopper was made out of over 3, 000 Lego bricks, and was remarkably life-like. I can’t imagine what must have been going through those little fella’s heads!

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    The Lego penguin was the first part of an instillation at Edinburgh zoo called ‘Bricklive Ocean’. The upcoming instillation will see the zoo populated with over 30 life-sized Lego sculptures forming an interactive trail around Edinburgh zoo.

    The total exhibition will be composed of over 1 million Lego bricks, and will be used to promote awareness of the threats that are facing endangered species today.

    One of the largest features of the exhibition will be a Lego Killer Whale, which will be over four metres long and be composed of over 200, 000 Lego bricks!

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    These Lego penguins were last seen at an event in Plymouth, where they were met by fellow penguins with equal skepticism!

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    Edinburgh zoo’s events and experiences manager, Lyndy Donaldson, expressed her excitement about the project in an interview:

    ‘We are tremendously excited to be bringing BRICKLIVE Ocean to Edinburgh Zoo, especially as it is the first time it will be on display anywhere in the world.

    ‘[…] Other highlights will include a three-metre long manatee, parrot fish, sharks and penguins.

    Hopefully, if the exhibition is a success, the project will be able to be featured at other zoos around the world!

    (Source: Edinburgh Zoo via Good News)

    ‘It will be really fun for all of our visitors and great for families, with lots of interactive experiences, a Lego brick pit and the chance to make Lego models,’ continued Donaldson.

    ‘The trail will also help us tell the story of the threats faced by our magnificent marine life. One of our models will be a vaquita porpoise, which is critically-endangered and one of the world’s rarest animals with less than 20 now remaining in the wild.’

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    If I tried to make one of these Lego animals, then I can’t imagine how it would turn out… but I guarantee they wouldn’t look anything like the animals that they were meant to!

    It’s also great, however, that these fantastic Lego statues are not only amazingly beautiful renderings, but are being used for a great cause in raising awareness of the threats that face the animals of this planet. There are strides being made in the field of conservationism, but more needs to be done to protect the rest of God’s beautiful creatures and prevent them from going extinct.

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    I love these amazing creations, and they’re for a good cause as well which is wonderful! Let me know what you make of these fantastic creations in the comments below and be sure to tag any animal (or Lego) lovers you know!